ISSN: 1075-4644

GLOBAL SURVEY  Vol. 49 No. 6N/511   November 2019




14th Updated Edition


Liberation, militant, resistance, and revolutionary organizations listed were generally in existence after 1945 and are pursuing political, religious, and social objectives using armed force and violent means. Some have engaged in armed action before assuming their current roles as political movement or party and others are employing only non-violent means. Activities of those which wage armed warfare ranging from guerrilla warfare to selected acts of violence, including arson, assassination, bombing, burglary, extortion, hijacking, intimidation, kidnapping, murder, rape, and robbery. Others employ non-violent means, such as blockades, boycotts, demonstrations, protests, and strikes. 


A number of groups and movements have been declared illegal or were banned by various governments. Many of the groups are opposed to their national governments or occupying powers, some are pursuing independence or a degree of autonomy, and others favor different political systems, religious order, or social conditions. While most of the listed groups also conduct political action, several are hiding banditry and criminal activities behind stated political and religious aims.


Organizations are listed by country of origin or major activity (incl. sanctuaries), English and native version of name, abbreviation if any, additional names, affiliated groups, date of establishment, and date of dissolution or inactivity.


No claim is made to completeness.  Some groups have used the listed name just a few times while operating for another organization.


Names of major and active organizations are shown in bold-face.





al-Qa’ida (AQ)  (“The Base”), 18 August 1988 (not formally organized until 1998)

            ‘Abdallah Azzam Brigades (AAB), July 2009

al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) (Al-Qa’ida fi Jazirat al-'Arab), January 2009

al-Qa’ida in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) (Jamā‘at Qā‘idat al-Jihād fī Shibh al-Qārrah al-

   Hindīyah),3 September 20124

al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI), 2004

            al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) (Al-Qa’ida fi bilad al-Maghrib al-islami), 25 January


            al-Qa’ida Kurdish Battalions (AQKB), 2007

            al-Qa’ida on the Sinai Peninsula, 2011

            Mekhtab al-Khadamat (MAK), [February 1980-18 August 1988, forerunner of al-Qa’ida]

Group to Support Islam and Muslims (GSIM) (Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin/JNIM),

   2 March 2017, al-Qa’ida branch in Mali


Islamic Front for the Struggle against the Jews and the Crusaders (al-Jabbah al-Islamiyah al ‘Alamiyyah li-Qital al-yahud wal-Salibiyyin), 1998

Party of Liberation (Hizb ut-Tahrir), 1953

Tablighi Jama’at (Tabliqi Islamist Movement), 1926




al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) (Al-Qa’ida fi bilad al-Maghrib al-islami), 2007, initially Armed Islamic Group (Groupement Islamique Armée/GIA), [1992-2007], joined by Salafist Group for Call [Preaching] and Combat (Groupe Salafiste pour la Prédication et le Combat/GSPC; al-Jamaa’atu l-Salafiyyatu li l’Da’wati wa l-Qitaal), [1992-2007], Soldiers of the Caliphate (Jund al-Khilafa), see Tunisia

Armée Islamique de Salut (AIS)

Front Islamique de Salut (FIS)

Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK)

The Sentinels (al- Mourabitouns), see also Mali

al-Mulathameen Brigade (Masked Brigade), (also al-Mua'qi'oon Biddam Brigade ("Those who Sign with Blood" Brigade), December 2012



Cabinda Independence Movement (MIC), 2019

Front for the Liberation of the Cabinda Enclave (Frente de Libertação do Enclave de

  Cabinda/FLEC), August 1963

            Armed Forces of Cabinda (FAC), 2019

Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola /MPLA), 10 December 1956

Union for the Total Independence of Angola (União para a Independéncia Total de Angola/UNITA)


Burkina Faso

Ansar ul Islam

Group to Support Islam and Muslims (GSIM) (Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin/JNIM), 2 March 2017

Islamic State in the Sahara



National Liberation Forces (Forces Nationales de la Libération/FNL), 1961

Forces for the Restoration of Democracy-Abanyagihugu (FRD-A)

Parti pour la Libération du Peuple Hutu-Forces Nationales de la Libération (PALIPEHUTU-FNL)


Republican Forces of Burundi (Les Forces Republicaines du Burundi/FOREBU) 23 December 2015

Restoration of Democracy Front (Front de Restauration de la Démocratie/FRD), 2011



Boko Haram (Jama’atu ahlus sunnah lid da’awati wal jihad)

Cameroonian People’s Liberation Army (APLC)


Central African Republic

Alliance for Revival and Rebuilding (A2R) (ex- Séléka)

Anti-Nalaka (Bullets), 2013

Central African Party for Unity and Development (PCUD)*, 2014

Central African Patriotic Movement (MPC) (ex- Séléka)

Democratic Front for the Central African People (Front Démocratique du Peuple


Lords Resistance Army (LRA)

Movement of Central African Liberators for Justice (Mouvement des libérateurs centrafricains pour

  la justice/MLCJ), 2006

National Movement for the Liberation of the Central African Republic (MNLC)

Patriotic Rally for the Rebirth of the Central African Republic (RPRC)

People’s Army for the Restoration of the Republic and Democracy (Armée Populaire pour la

  Restoration de la République et la Démocratie/APRD), May 2005

People’s Resistance Movement for Reforming of the Central African Republic (MRPRC)

Popular Front for Recovery (Front populaire pour le redressement/FPR), 2008

Popular Front for the Central African Renaissance (FPRC) (ex- Séléka), 2012

Rally of the Central African Nation Party (Parti du Rassemblement de la Nation Centrafricaine/

   PNRC) (28 May 2019)

Rally of the Forces for Change (Rassemblement des Forces pour Change/RFC)

Republican Forces Union (UFR)

Return Reclamation Rehabilitation 3R Group (2016)

Justice Riot (RJ)

Séléka (i.e., Alliance, Coalition) [2004-2013]

Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (Convention des Patriots pour la Justice et la Paix/CPJP), December 2012

Patriotic Convention for Saving the Country (CPSK)

Union for Peace in the Central African Republic (UPC)

Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (Union des Forces Démocratiques pour l’Unité/UFDU)


Wa Kodro Salute Patriotic Convention

Union of Democratic Forces for Action (UFDA)

Union of Democratic Forces for the Rally (Union des Forces Démocratiques pour le

  Rassemblement/UFDR), September 2006



Boko Haram (BH) (Jama’atu ahlus sunnah lid da’awati wal jihad)

Chadian National Concord (Concorde Nationale du Tchad/CNT)

Chadian National Front (Front National du Tchad/FNT)

Chad National Liberation Front (Front de Libération National Tchadien/FROLINAT), 1966 #

Forum for Exiled Chadians in Central Africa (FECAT)

Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic (Conseil de Commandement Militaire pour le Salut de la République/CCMSR)

Movement for Democracy and Justice in Tibesti (Mouvement pour la Démocratie et la Justice en

  Tibesti/MDJT), 1968

National Alliance (NA), 2008

National Alliance of Resistance (ANR)

Progressive Force for Independence and Rebirth (Forces Progressistes pour l’Independence et la

  Renaissance/FPIR), January 2009 (Forum for Exiled Chadians in Central Africa) (FECAT)

Rally of the Forces for Change (Rassemblement des Forces pour Change/RFC)

Union of Forces for Democracy and Development (Union de Forces pour la Démocratie et le


Union of Resistance Forces (Union des Forces de la Résistance/UFR), 2009

United Front for Change (Front uni pour Change) (FUC), disbanded

United Front for Democracy and Peace (FUDP)



Movement for the National Liberation of Comoro (Molinaco) [1962-1975]


Congo (B)

Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integral Development (MCDDI)


Congo (DR)

Alliance of Patriots for a Free and Sovereign Congo (APCLS)

Allied Democratic Forces-National Army for the Liberation of Uganda (ADF/NALU), see Uganda

Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire (Alliance des Forces

  Démocratiques pour la Libération du Congo-Zaire/AFDL), November 1996

Congolese Liberation Front (CLF) (Front de la Libération Congolaise/FLC), 2001

Congolese Rally for Democracy (Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie/RCD), 1998 #

Congolese Rally for Democracy-Goma (Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie-Goma/


Congolese Rally for Democracy-Kisangani (Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie-


Congolese Revolutionary Movement (Mouvement Révolutionnaire Congolais/MRC), December


Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (Forces Démocratiques de la Libération du

  Rwanda/FDLR), see Rwanda

            Abacunguzi Combat Force (Force Combattante Abacunguzi/FOCA)

            Rally for Unity and Democracy (Ralliement pour l’Unité et la Démocratie/RUD)

            Soki Group

Enyele/Independent Movement of Liberation and Allies (MILIA), 2009

Force for the Defense of Human Rights/Nyatuyra

Front for Patriotic Resistance of Ituri (Forces de Résistance Patriotique d’Ituri/FRPI), November


Front for the Liberation of Congo (FPLC)

Kamuina Nsapu militia [aka Kamuina] (8 Aug. 2016)

Movement for the Liberation of the Congo (Mouvement de Libération/MLC), November 1998 #

Mai-Mai Militia (Mai-Mai Ingilama), 1996

            Mai-Mai Nyatura

            Simba militia

March 23 Movement (M23), 4 April 2012, surrendered 2013

National Congress for the Defense of the People (Congrès National pour la Défense du Peuple/

  CNDP), December 2006

Nationalist Integrationist Front (Front de Nationalistes et Intégrationnistes/FNI), 2005

Nduma Defense of the Congo-Renovated (NDC-R)/Rénové de Guidon

Nyatura Hutu militias

Outraged Citizens (Raia Mutomboki/RM), 2005

People’s Army of the Oppressed in Zaire (APOZA) [1968-1979]

Popular Front for Justice in Congo (FPJC), splinter group of FRPI

Popular Revolutionary Party (Parti de la Révolution Populaire/PRP), 1967

Union of Congolese Patriots (Union des Patriotes Congolais/UPC), 1999?

Union of Forces for the Liberation of Katanga (UFLKA), 16 December 2011



Front for the Liberation of the Somali Coast (FLCS) [1968-1979]

Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (Front pour la Restauration de l’Unité et la

  Démocratie/FRUD), 1991 #

National Independence Union (UNI) [1968-1979]

Popular Liberation Movement [1968-1979]

Popular Struggle Front (PSF), 1987

Front for the Liberation of theSomali Coast (FLCS) [1968-1979]



Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt), Jan. 2014 (split from Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis)

Allied Popular Resistance Movement (APRM), see PRM

Condemnation and Migration (at-Takfir wa’l Hijra), 1977

            Society of Muslims

Egyptian Islamic Jihad, see Islamic Jihad

Harakat Sawa’d Misr (HASM), 2015

Islamic Group (IG) (al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya), 1971

Islamic Jihad (al-Jihad [al-Islami] (AJ), 1980

            Jihad Group (IG)

            New Jihad Group

            Vanguards of Conquest

            Talaa’ al-Fateh

Islamic Liberation Organization [1968-1979]

Islamic Society (Jama’at Islamiya), 1970s

Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (HAMAS)

Jund al-Shari’a (Soldiers of Islamic Law), 2012

Muhammad Jamal Network (MJN), 2011

Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem/Mujahideen Shura Council of Jerusalem

  (Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen), 2012

Partisans of Jerusalem/ Partisans of the Holy House/Ansar Jerusalem, also Champions of   Jerusalem, Supporters of the Holy Places (Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis), 2011

Partisans of Islamic Law (Ansar al-Shari’a) 2014

Popular Resistance Movement (PRM), 2014 (also Allied Popular Resistance Movement (PRM))

Determination Movement

Execution Movement

Movement for Revolution in Beni Suef

Popular Resistance Movement Alexandria

Popular Resistance Movement Giza

Revolutionary Punishment Movement

Revolution Brigade (Liwa El-Thawra), August 2016

Islamic State Sinai Province (IS SP) (Affiliated with ISIL), 2016

Society of Muslims, see Condemnation and Migration

The Struggle, see Islamic Jihad


Equatorial Africa

Movement for the Self-Determination of Bioko Island (Movimiento para la Auto-determinación de la

  Isla de Bioko/MAIB), 2007?



Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF), 1961

ELF-General Command [1968-1979]

ELF-Revolutionary Council [1968-1979]

Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF)

Harakat al-Shaba’ab al-Mujahedeen (HSM) (Party of Youth), 2007



Arbengoch Ginbot 7 Unity and Democratic Movement (AGUDM), 2005

Gambela People’s Liberation Movement

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), 1984

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), 1974

Popular Liberation Forces (PLF) [1968-1979]

Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

Tigre Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), 1975

United Oromo Liberation Forces (UOLF), October 2000

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), 1974

            Oromo People’s Liberation Front (OPLF)

            Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromiya (IFLO)

            Oromiya Liberation Council (OLC)

            United Oromo People’s Liberation Front (UOPFL)

            Oromo People’s Liberation Organization (OPLO)

Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF), until 1984, see Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)



Harakat al-Shaba’ab al-Mujahedeen (HSM) (Party of Youth), 2007

            Al-Hijra, 2008

            Army of the Faithful (Jaysh al-Ayman) June 2013

Mombasa Republican Council (MRC), 1999

Sabaot Land Defence Force (SDLF), 2005



Ajdabiya Revolutionaries Shura Council (ARSC)

Altabu Front for the Salvation of Libya

al-Qaqa Brigade, 2011, anti-Qadhafi

al-Sawaiq Brigade (al-Sawaiq Brigade for Protection), 2011, pro-government

al-Zintan Revolutionaries’ Military Council, May 2011, anti-Qadhafi

Ansar al-Shari’a-Derna (AAS-D), allegiance to al-Qa’ida

Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB)

Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council (BRSC)

Ansar al-Shari’a (AAS-B), allegiance to al-Qa’ida

            Libya Shield 1

February 17th Martyrs Brigade

Rafallah al-Sahati Brigade

Derna Mujhahideen Shura Council (DMSC)

            Derna Protection Forces (DPF)

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) (Da’esh) (al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil-Iraq wa al-Sham) (IS) (since 13 Nov. 2014)

            ● Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (IS/ISIL/Da’esh) branch in Libya (ISIL-Libya)

            al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (al-Qa’ida fi bilad al-Maghrib al-islami/AQIM) (2007)

Libyan Dawn, 2014


            Berber ethnic militias

            Libya Muslim Brotherhood

Liwa Nablous brigades in Misurata

            Misrata militias

Libyan Islamic Movement for Change (LIMC, since Mar. 2011) (formerly Libyan Islamic Fighting

  Group (LIFG) (Al-Jam’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah), 1995

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood

Libyan National Army (LNA), militia, 2011, 2014

Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room (LROR), 2013

Libya Shield Force

Misratan Union of Revolutionaries, militias

Mujahedeen Shura Council, militias

National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), October 1981

Partisans of Islamic Law (Ansar al-Shar’ia) (dissolved on 27 May 2017), see Tunisia

Petroleum Facility Guard (PFG)

Union of Forces for Democracy and Development (Union de Forces pour la Démocratie et le




Alliance for the Salvation of the Sahel (ASS),  2018

al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (Al-Qa’ida fi bilad al-Maghrib al-islami/AQIM), December 2015

            Katiba al-Ansar

            Katiba al-Furqan, September 2013

            Katiba Tarik Ibn Zaïd, 2013

            Katiba Yusuf ibn Tachfin, November 2012

Arab Movement of Azawad (MAA)

Arab Movement of Azawad-Bamako (MAA-B), 2014

Coalition for the People of Azawad (Coalition pour le peuple de l’Azawad/CPA), March 2014

Coalition of Azawad Movements

Congress for Justice in Azawad (Congrès pour la justice dans l’Azawad/CJA)

Coordination for the People of Azawad (CPA)*

Coordination of Azawad Movements (Coordination des mouvements de l’Azawad/CMA), 9 June 2014, joined by Arab Movement of Azawad-Dissident (Mouvement arabe de l’Azawad-dissiddent/MAA-D), 2012-2014

Coordination of Movements and Patriotic Fronts Resistance (CM-SAF)

Defenders of Faith (Ansar al-Dine/AAD), 2012

            Defenders of Faith South (Ansar al-Dine Sud/AAD-S), June 2015

            Macina Liberation Front (Katibat Macina/MLF), January 2015

Democratic Alliance of 23 May for Change (ADC), 23 May 2006

Dewral Pulaaku, nomad militia (2014)

Ganda Izo militia (2008)

Group to Support Islam and Muslims (GSIM) (Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin/JNIM), 2 March 2017

Defenders of Faith (Ansar al-Dine/AAD), 2012

            Macina Liberation Front (Katiba du Macina/MLF), January 2015      

            The Sentinels (al-Murabitoun), 2012

            al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (Al-Qa’ida fi bilad al-Maghrib al-islami/AQIM), December


High Council for the Unity of Azawad (Haut conseil pour l’unité de l’Azawad/HCUA)*, May 2013,

  formed from High Council of Azawad (Haut Conseil de l’Azawad/HCA) and Islamic Movement of Azawad (Mouvement islamique de l’Azawad/MIA)

Imghad and Allied Tuareg Self-Defense Movement (Groupe d’autodéfense des touareg Imghad et

  alliés/GATIA), 14 August 2014

Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS), May 2015

Liberation Forces of Northern Mali (Forces de libération du Nord du Mali/FLN), 2012

Movement for Justice and Freedom (Mouvement pour la justice et la liberté/MJL), September 2016

Movement for National Defense (Mouvement pour la defense de la patrie/MDP), 2012

Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (Mouvement Unicité et Jihad en Afrique de 'Ouest/

  Jama’at at-tawhid wal-jihad fi gharb ‘afriqqiya/MUJAO), split from AQIM, 2011

Movement for the Salvation of Azawad (Mouvement pour le salut de l’Azawad/MSA), September


National Alliance for the Protection of Peul Identity and Restoration of Justice (Alliance nationale

  pour la sauvegarde de l’idendité Peule et la restauration de la justice/ANSIPRJ), June 2016

National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (Mouvement National pour la Libération de

   l’Azawad/MNLA), October 2010 (formerly MNA)

National Movement of Azawad (Mouvement National de l’Azawad/MNA), 2011, became MNLA

Niger Mali Tuareg Alliance for Change (Alliance Touareg Niger-Mali pour le Changement/


Northern Mali Tuareg Alliance for Change (Alliance Touareg Nord Mali pour le Changement/

  ATNMC), 2007

Partisans of Islamic Law (Ansar al-Shar’ia), 2012

Platforme (CMFPR I) Coordination des mouvements et fronts patriotiques de résistance, 21 July


Platform  Coalition, June 2014

Popular Movement for the Salvation of Azawad (Mouvement populaire pour le salut de

  l’Azawad/MPSA), 2014

The Sentinels (al-Murabitoun), 2012, joined al-Qa’ida in 2015

             Masked Brigade (al-Mulathameen Brigade) (also al-Mua'qi'oon Biddam Brigade ("Those

               who Sign with Blood" Brigade), 2012, Islamist anti-government

Al-Mulathamun Battalion

al-Muwaqi‘un Bil-Dima



Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain) (GICM), late 1990s



Ahlu Sunnah wa’l-Jama’a (ASWJ)

Youth/al-Shaba’ab, Oct. 2017

Mozambique Liberation Front (Frente de Libertação de Moçambique/FRELIMO), 1962 #

Mozambique Revolutionary Council (COREMO)

Mozambique National Resistance (Resistencia Nacional Mocambicana/RENAMO), 1976



People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), see South West Africa People’s Organization of


South West Africa People’s Organization of Namibia (SWAPO), 1958 #



Coordination of Armed Resistance (Coordination de la Résistance Armée/CRA), January 1994

            Front for the Liberation of Tamoust (Front pour la Libération de Tamoust/FLT), July 1993

Democratic Renewal Front (Front Démocratique pour la Renouvellement/FDR), May 1994

Front of Fighters for Rectification (Front des Forces de Redressement/FFR), split from MNJ in May


Nigerien Movement for Justice (Nigériens pour la justice/MNJ), 2007

Niger Patriotic Front (Front Patriotique Nigérien/FPN), March 2009

Organization of the Armed Resistance (Organisation de la Résistance Armée/ORA), March 1995

Front for the Liberation of Aïr and Azouad (Front de Libération de l’Aïr et l’Azouad/FLAA),   


Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Sahara (Forces Armées Révolutionnaires de la Sahara/FARS),


Union of Forces of the Armed Resistance/Tuareg Union of the Armed Resistance Forces (Union

  des Forces de la Résistance Armée/UFRA), November 1996

Popular Front for the Liberation of Northern Niger (Armée Révolutionnaire pour la Libération

   du Niger Nord/ARLN), 1994



Boko Haram (BH) (“Western Education is a Sin” [Hausa]) (People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teaching and Jihad/Jama’atu ahlus sunnah lid da’awati wal jihad), 2002

Ansaru (splinter group)

Yusufiya Islamic Movement (YIM), split from BH in 2011

Ijaw Youth Organization

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) (2012), UK based

Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) (Shi’ite)

Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP)

Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), 1999

Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND), mid-2000s

Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), January 2016

Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force (NDPVF), 2004

Oodua People’s Congress (OPC)

Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa (Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladis-

  Sudan), 2012 (also referred to as Ansaru), split from Boko Haram (BH)



Army for the Liberation of Rwanda (Armée pour la Libération du Rwanda/ALIR), 1994

            Interahamwe, 1994

            Former Armed Forces (FAR)

Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (Forces Démocratiques de la Libération du

  Rwanda/FDLR), 2000, Hutu militia

            Abacunguzi Combat Force (Force Combattante Abacunguzi/FOCA)

            Rally for Unity and Democracy (Ralliement pour l’Unité et la Démocratie/RUD)

            Soki Group

People’s Rwandan Rally (Rassemblement Populaire Rwandais/RPR)

Rally for Unity and Democracy (Ralliement pour l’Unité et la Démocratie/RUD)


Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)/Western Sahara

Mustafa el Wali Bayyid Sayed International Brigade [1968]

General Coordination of the Sahrawi Opposition to the POLISARIO Front, 2011, in Spain

Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el Hamra and Rio de Oro (Frente Popular para la

  Liberación de Saguia el Hamra y Rio de Oro/POLISARIO), 10 May 1973 #

            Saharan Popular Liberation Army

Unity Movement for Jihad in West Africa (Jamat Tawid Wal Jihad Fi Garbi Afriqqiya), 2011



Casamance Movement of Democratic Forces (Mouvement des Forces Démocratiques de la

  Casamance/MFDC), 1947

Movement for Federalism and Constitutional Democracy (MFDC), December 2011 #


Sierra Leone

Revolutionary United Front (RUF) [1991-2002]



Al-Ittihad al-Islami (AIAA), early 1990s

            Islamic Union

Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT), 1991

Digial Salvation Army, 1999

Front for the Liberation of the Somali Coast (FLCS)

Front for the Liberation of Western Somalia (FLWS)

Harakat al-Shaba’ab al-Mujahedeen (HSM) (Party of Youth), 2004 (endorsed by al-Qa’ida in early 2012)

            Al-Hijra, 2008

Islamic Courts Council (ICC), June 2006, formerly Islamic Courts Union

Islamic Courts Union (ICU) (Ittihad al-mahakim al-islamiyya) [1996, 1999-June 2006]

            Party of Youth (Harakat al-Shaba’ab al-Mujahedeen/HSM) Al-Shaba’ab/AS), 2007

Islamic Party (Hizbul islam), January 2009-December 2010, see Party of Youth (Al-Shaba’ab)

Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia (ARS-A)

Anole School (Muaskar Anole), militia

Islamic Front (Jabhatul Islamiya)

Ras Kamboni Brigade

Rahanweyne Resistance Army (RRA), August 1995

Somali Liberation Front [1968]

Somali National Front (SNF), 1991

Somali National Movement (SNM), 1981

Somali Patriotic Movement (SPM), 1989

Somali Salvation Democratic Front

United Somali Congress (USC), 1999

Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF)


South Africa

African National Congress (ANC), 8 January 1912 #

            Spear of the Nation (Umknonto We Sizwe), 16 December 1961

Boer Force (Boermag)

Muslims Against Global Oppression (MAGO), see People Against Gangsterism and Drugs

Muslims Against Illegitimate Leaders (MAIL), see People Against Gangsterism and Drugs

People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD), 1996

PAGAD Gun Force (G-Force)

South African National Congress (SANC) [8 January 1912-1925], see African National Congress


South Sudan

Lords Resistance Army (LRA), 1987

National Salvation Front (NAS) (Mar. 2017)

People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)

Real Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (R-SPLM), (30 Aug. 2019)

South Sudan Army (SSA)

South Sudan Defense Force (SSDF)

South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), April 2011

            South Sudan Liberation Movement (SSLM), 2010

South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), December 2017

South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) 9 April 2018

Sudan People’s Democratic Front/Defence Force (SPDF), 1991

Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA)

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), 1983

            Sudan Liberation Army (SLA)

            Sudan Liberation Army-Unified Command (SLA-Unity) faction

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In Opposition (SPLM-IO)



Alliance of Revolutionary Forces in West Sudan (ARFWS), 20 January 2006

Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), 2000

Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)

Democratic Justice and Equality Movement (DJEM)

Democratic Revolutionary Forces Front (DRFF)*

Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), 2000

Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM)*

Lords Resistance Army (LRA), 1987

Revolutionary Democratic Front Forces (RDFF)

Sudan Liberation Army-Abu Gasim

Sudan Liberation Army-Free Will

Sudan Liberation Army Historical Leadership**

Sudan Liberation Movement-Abdul Wahid (SLM-A)

Sudan Liberation Movement-Abdulshafi (SLM-A)

Sudan Liberation Movement-Arko Minnawi (SLM-AM)*

Sudan Liberation Movement-Unity (SLM-Unity)

Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), November 2011

Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), 2000*

Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)*/Sudan Liberation Army-Minni Minawi (SLA/MM)

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-North (SPLM/A-N)

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) (Harakat Al-Sha'abi Li-Tahrir Al-

            Sudan-Al-Shamal), in 2017/2018 split into two factions

Sudanese Alliance Forces (SAF), see Sudanese National Democratic Alliance

Sudanese National Democratic Alliance (SNDA), February 1992

Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), see Sudan People’s Liberation Movement

United Front for Liberation and Democracy (UFLD), 2007

United Resistance Front (URF)*

United Revolutionary Forces Front (URFF)* (also known as Revolutionary Forces Front/RFF)

*Signatory of the Charter of Sudanese Alliance Resistance Forces in Darfur of 12 December 2010.

**Breakaway group of the Sudan Liberation Army-Abdul Wahid (SLA-A).



Ansar al-Shari’a (AAS-T), allegiance to al-Qa’ida

Partisans of Islamic Law (Ansar al-Shar’ia), 2012, Salafist militia  (dissolved on 27 May 2017)

Soldiers of the Caliphate (Jund al-Khilafa), 2014, Islamist, formerly part of AQIM, ISIL branch

Tunisian Combatant Group (TCG) (Jama’a Combattante Tunisienne/JCT), 2000



Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), 1995 (merged with NALU)

Allied Democratic Forces-National Army for the Liberation of Uganda (ADF-NALU), 1995

Kirumira Mutima (The Strong-Hearted) militia

Lords Resistance Army (LRA), 1987

National Army for the Liberation of Uganda (NALU), 1988 (merged with ADF)



Patriotic Front (PF) [1980-1988]

Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU), 1970s

Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU), 1961

Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) [August 1963-1988] #

Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU) [1961-1989]



Tri-Border Area (TBA)--Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay

Islamic Resistance Movement (al-Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya/HAMAS) (1988)

Party of Allah (Hizbullah) (1983)



Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance (AAA) [1968-1979]

Argentine Liberation Front [1968-1979]

Argentine National Organization Movement (MANO) [1979]

Argentine National Social Front [1968-1979]

Argentine Youth for Sovereignty [1968-1979]

Argentinian Committee of Anti-Imperialist Combat (Comite Argentino de Lucha Anti-

   Imperialista/CALAI) [1968-1979]

Che Guevara Brigade (La Brigada Che Guevara) [1970-1990s] inactive

Descamisados Peronistas Montoneros [1968-1979]

International Che Guevara Organization [1970-1990s] inactive

Liberation Front of South Vietnam (Frente der Liberacion Nacional del Vietnam del Sur) inactive

Maximo Mena Command [1968-1979]

People’s Revolutionary Army (Ejército Revolucionario Popular/ERP) [1968-1979]

Peronist Armed Forces [1968-1979]

Peronist Movement (Movimiento Peronista) 1943, now Justicialist Party (Partido Justicialista/PJ),

  1947 #

Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) [1968-1979]



National Liberation Army (Ejército de Liberación Nacional/ELN) [1968], see CNPZ

Nationalist Commando [1968]

Nestor Paz Zamora Commission (CNPZ), October 1990



Action for National Liberation (ALN) [1968]

Armed Revolutionary Vanguard-Palmares (CAR-Palmares) [1968]

Aurora Maria Nacimiento Furtado Command [1968]

Brazilian Revolutionary Action Front (FARB) [2002]

People’s Liberation Movement (MLP)

People’s Revolutionary Vanguard (Vanguarda Popular Revolucionaria/VPR) [1968-1979]

Revolutionary Movement of the 8th (MR-8) [1968]



Canadian Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation [1968-1979]

International Resistance (Résistance Internationaliste, Initiative de Résistance Internationaliste),


Quebec Liberation Front (Front de Libération du Québec/FLQ), 1960s



Lautaro Youth Movement (MJL), 1980s

            Lautaro Popular Rebel Forces (FRPL)

United Popular Action Movement/Lautaro faction (MAPU/L)

Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (Frente Patriótico Manuel Rodríguez/FPMR), [1983-1987]

Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Movement (Movimiento Patriótico Manuel Rodríguez/MPMR), May

  1991 #

Mapuche/Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM), 1992

Movement of the Revolutionary Left (Movimiento de la Izquierda Revolucinaria/MIR), 1965

  Proletarian Action Group [1968]

Socialist Party of Chile (Partido Socialista de Chile/PS), 1933 #



Clan del Golfo

Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces (Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia/AGC), drug trafficking group, 2019

Group of Revolutionary Commandos-Operation Argimiro Gabaldon, [1968]

Invisible Ones [1968-1979]

Military Liberation Front of Colombia [1968-1979]

Movement of 19th April (Movimiento 19 de Abril/M-19), 19 April 1970 #

National Liberation Armed Forces [1968-1979]

National Liberation Army (Ejército de Liberación Nacional/ELN), July 1964

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) (Ejército Popular de Liberación/EPL), 1967

People’s Revolutionary Army-Zero Point [1968-1979]

Popular Front of National Liberation (Frente Popular de Liberación Nacional/FPLN), 1994

Red Flag [1968-1979]

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias

   de Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo/FARC-EP)* #, 1964

            Oliver Sinisterra Front (dissident group), 2019

Ricardo Franco Front (RFF) (Frente Ricardo Franco), March 1984

September 14 Workers Self-Defense Command [1968-1979]

United Front for Guerrilla Action [1968-1979]

United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia/Group of Colombia (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia/

   (AUC), April 1997 (Note: Commonly referred to as autodefensas, paramiliaries, or death squads.)

Workers’ Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores (PRT), [1985]


Costa Rica

Revolutionary Commandos of Solidarity [1968-1979]

Roberto Santucho Revolutionary Group [1968-1979]



Abdala [1968-1979]

Alpha 66 [1968-1979]

Anti-Castro Commando [1968-1979]

Anti-Communist Commandos [1968-1979]

Brigade 2506 [1968-1979]

Condor [1968-1979]

Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations (CORU) [1968-1979]

Cuba Action [1968-1979]

Cuba Action Commandos, 1960s

Cuban Anti-Communist League [1968-1979]

Cuban C-4 Movement

Cuban Liberation Front

Cuban National Liberation Front (FLNC) [1968-1979]

Cuban Nationalist Movement (CNM) [1964-1979]

            Omega 7 [September 1974-1979]

            Zero [1970s]

Cuban Power (el Poder Cubano) [1968-1979]

Cuban Representation in Exile [1968-1979]

Cuban Revolutionary Directorate [1968-1979]

Cuban Youth Group [1968-1979]

International Secret Revolutionary United Cells [1968-1979]

JCN [1968-1979]

Latin American Anti-Communist Army [1968-1979]

Movement of Cuban Justice [1968-1979]

Movement of the Seventh (M-7) [1968-1979]

National Integration Front (Cuban Nationalist Front) (FIN) [1968-1979]

Pedro Luis Boitel Command [1968-1979]

Pedro Ruiz Botero Commandos [1968-1979]

Pragmatistas [1968-1979]

Scorpion (el Alacran) [1968-1979]

Second Front of Escambray [1968-1979]

Secret Anti-Castro Cuban Army [1968-1979]

Secret Cuban Government [1968-1979]

Secret Hand Organization [1968-1979]

Secret Organization Zero [1968-1979]

Young Cubans [1968-1979]

Youths of the Star [1968-1979]


Dominican Republic

Dominican Popular Movement (Movimiento Popular Dominicana/MDP), 1965

Twelfth of January Liberation Movement [1968-1979]

United Anti-Reelection Command [1968-1979]



Alfaro Lives, Damn It! (Alfaro Vive, Carajo!/AVC), 1983


El Salvador

Faribundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMNLF) (Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación

   Nacional/FMLN), October 1980 #

People’s Revolutionary Army (ERP) [1968-1979]

Farabundo Marti Popular Liberation Forces (FPL)

Armed Forces of National Resistance (FARN) [1968-1979]

Central American Revolutionary Worker’s Party (PRTC), since 1976

Communist Party of El Salvador Armed Forces of Liberation (FAL)

Clara Elizabeth Ramirez Front (Frente Clara Elizabeth Ramirez/CERF), since 1983

February 28 Popular Leagues (LP-28)

Popular Revolutionary Bloc (BPR) [1968-1979]

United Popular Action Front (FAPU) [1968-1979]

White Warriors Union (UGB)



January 31 Popular Front, May 1982

Guatemala Anti-Salvadoran Liberating Action Guerrillas (GALGAS) [1968]

Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG), 1982

            Revolutionary Organization of the People in Arms (ORPA)

            Guerrilla Army of the Poor (EGP)

Revolutionary Armed Forces (ARl PGT/FAR) [1968]

Guatemalan Nationalist Commando [1968]

National League for the Protection of Guatemala [1968]

National Liberation Movement [1968]

Revolutionary Movement of November 13 (MR-13) [1968]



People’s Temple [1968-1979]



Coalition of National Liberation Brigades [1968-1979]

Haitian Coalition [1968-1979]

Revolutionary Armed Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti (Front Revolutionnaire pour

   l’Avancement et le Progrès d’Haïti/FRAPH), September 1993



Cinchoneros Popular Liberation Movement (Movimiento Popular de Liberacion/MPL), since 1980

Morazanist Patriotic Front (FPM), 1980s

Popular Revolutionary Forces-Lorenzo Zelaya (Fuerzas Populares Revolucionarias-Lorenzo

   Zelaya/FPR-LZ), since 1978



23rd of September Communist League [1968]

Armed Communist League [1968]

Armed Vanguard of the Proletariat [1968]

Jalisco Cartel New Generation (Cartel del Jalisco Nueva Generacion/CJNG)

Mexican People's Revolutionary Army [1968]

People's Armed Command [1968]

People's Liberation Army [1968]

People's Revolutionary Armed Forces (FRAP) [1968]

People’s Revolutionary Army (Ejército Revolucionario Popular/ERP), 1994-1998, 2007

Sinaloa Cartel

United Popular Liberation Army of America [1968]

Zapatista National Liberation Army (Ejército  Zapatista de Liberación Nacional/EZLN), 1994

Zapatista National Liberation Front (Frente Zapatista de Liberación Nacional/FZLN), 1996 #



Sandinist National Liberation Front (Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional/FSLN), 1961 #



April 10 Movement (Movimento de 10 Abril/M-10), 2011



Armed Peasant Association (ACA) (Aug. 2014)

Asociación Campesina Armada (ACA) (Armed Peasant Association), Aug. 2014

Paraguayan People’s Army (Ejercito del Pueblo Paraguayo/EPP), 1992

Political Military Organization [1968-1979]

Popular Colorado Movement (MoPoCo), dissident faction of Colorado Party) [1968]



Armed Nationalist Movement Organization (MANO) [1968]

Condor [1968-1979]

Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR) [1968]

Peruvian Anti-Communist Alliance (AAP) [1968]

Revolutionary Vanguard [1968]

Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso/SL), 1980

Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru/MRTA), 1983

Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army (EGTK), 1993


United States of America

Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Nations, 1970s

Aryan Republican Army [1990s]

Forever Enduring Always Ready (FEAR), 2012

Jewish Defense League (JDL), 1968

Ku Klux Klan (KKK), 1866, incl. North Georgia White Knights, White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

League of the Silent Soldier

League of the South, 1994

Militias, incl. Alabama Free Militia, Idaho Citizens Constitutional Militia, Idaho Mountain Boys, Jural

  Society militia groups, Michigan Militia, Militia-at-Large of the Republic of Georgia, Mountaineer

  Militia, Kentucky Militia, North American Militia (?), Montana Freemen, Oklahoma Constitutional

  Militia, Patriots, Pennsylvania Citizens Militia, San Joaquin Militia, Southeastern States Alliance,  

  Texas Militia, Viper Team

Minuteman, incl. Minuteman American Defense

National Vanguard America (2005)

New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (NBPP), 1989

Oath Keepers, March 2009, anti-government

Patriot movements

Posse Comitatus [1970s-1980s]

Sovereign Citizens Movement

White Aryan Resistance, 1980s

Note: Some of the groups listed do not commit overt acts of violence but agitate against ethnic groups, government, immigration, and other issues under the guise of Christianity, constitutional government and rights, and patriotism, according to US federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Groups are often small in size and limited to local areas


United States of America—Puerto Rico

Machete Wielders (Macheteros), also Boricua Popular Army (Ejercito Popular de Borico/EPB), 1978



Armed Popular Front (FAP) [1968]

Communist Party of Uruguay (Partido Comunista del Uruguay/PCU) #

National Liberation Movement Tupamaros (Movimiento Nacional de Liberación/MNL), 1961

Organization of the Popular Revolutionary-33 (OPR-33)

Raul Sendic International Brigade



Red Flag (Bandera Roja) (GBR), 1969

Americo Silva Front (Frente Americo Silva/FAS)





Afghan Islamic Society [1968-1979]

Afghan National Liberation Front [1968-1979]

Afghan National Liberation Movement [1968-1979]

Army of Mohammed (Jaish-e-Mohammed/JeM)

Assembly of the Free (Jama’at ul-Ahrar/JuA), split from TTP in August 2014

Bajaur Taliban

Council of the Union of Holy Warriors (Shura Ittihad-ul-Mujjahideen), March 2009

Haqqani Network (HQN), also Pakistan, mid 1970s

Islamic Emirate Afghanistan, 1996 (Taliban shadow government)

Islamic Jihad Movement (Harkat ul-Jihad-i-Islami/HUJI), 1984

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)

Islamic Party (Hizb-i-Islami/HI), 1977 (also referred to as Islamic Party Gulbuddin

  (Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin/HIG)) #

Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham-Khorasan (ISIS-K/ISIL-K/ISK) [aka Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP)/ISIS Wilayat Khorasan] 10 January 2015

Jihad-e-Islami (JI)

Army of the Righteous (Lashkar-e-Taiba/LeT)

Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Law and Islam (Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-


Taliban Movement of Pakistan (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan/TTP), 2007

Mullah Dadullah Front (Feday-Mahaz), May 2012

National Islamic Front (JMI)

Northern Alliance [1996-1999] see United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan

Party of Islam (Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin/HIG), 1977

Quetta Shura Taliban

Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan

Students of Islam, see Taliban

Swat Taliban

Taliban Islamic Militia (Tehrik-e-Taliban/TT), September 1994

United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (Jabha-yi Muttahid-i Islami-yi Milli bara-yi

   Nijat-i Afghanistan/UIFSA) (formerly Northern Alliance), [1999-2007]:

            Islamic Afghan Society (Jamiat-e Islami)

            Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (Harakat-e Islami-e Afghanistan)

            Islamic Party-Khalis (Hizb-e Islami-Khalis)

            Islamic Unity (Ittihad-e Islami)

Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Wahdat-e Islami-e Afghanistan)

            Jabha-e Nijat-e-Milli

            National Islamic Front (Mahaz-e-Milli-e Islami)

            National Islamic Front (Jumbish-e-Milli Islami)



Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (Secret Armenian Liberation Army/ASALA),


3rd October Organization [1975-1986]

The Orly Group [1975-1986]

Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO), January 2000



Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO), January 2000



al-Harat al-Islamia

al-Islam Martyrs Brigade

al-Jihad Bangladesh


Allahr Dal

Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), 2007

Ansarul Islam/Ansar-al-Islam (Apr. 2016) (Declared itself Bangladesh branch of al-Qa’ida, according to government on 5 Mar. 2017.)

Awakened Muslim Masses (Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh/JMJB), 1998

Base of Jihad (Qaedat al-Jihad)

Biswa Islami Front

Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT), 1989

Dawat-e Islam

Hijbul Mahadi

Hijbullah Islami Samaj

Hizb-e Abu Omar

Hizb-ut Towhid (HT)

Islamic Assembly (Jama’at-e Islami/JI) 1941 #

Islami Dawati Kafela

Islami Democratic Party (IDP) #

Islami Samaj

Islamic Jihad Movement-Bangladesh (Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami Bangladesh/HUJI-B), April 1992

Jadid al-Qaeda Bangladesh

Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh

Juma'atul al Sadat (Jama’at-as-Sadat)

Jama'atul Faliya

Jama'at-e Yahia al Turat

Jama’at-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB)

Joysh-e Mohammad

Joysh-e Mostafa Bangladesh

Kalemar Dawat

Muslim Millat Shari’a Council

National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)

National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT)

National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), 1980

National Socialist Party (Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal/JSD) 1972 #

Shahadat-e al Hikma Party Bangladesh#


Society of Fighters (Jama’at-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh/JMB)

Peace Force (Shanti Bahini) of the Parbattya Chattagram Janasanghati  Samity/PCJSS)

Tamira Ar-Din Bangladesh (Hizb-e-Abu Omar)


Touhid Trust Towhidi Janata

Ulama Anjuman al Bainat

United Bengali Liberation Front (UBLF)

United National Liberation Front Manipur (UNLF)

United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF)

United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), 1979

Woarat Islamic Front

World Islamic Front for Jihad



Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT)

Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) (CPB-M-L-M), 2003 #

            Bhutan Tiger Force (BTF), 2007?

National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)

United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), 1979

United National Liberation Front Manipur (UNLF)

United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB), 2008?


Burma (Myanmar)

All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF) (1988)1

Aqa Mul Mujahidin (Oct. 2016)

Arakan Army (AA), Buddhist guerrilla force (10 April 2009)

Arakan Liberation Party (ALP), April 1967 #1

Arakan-Rohinga Islamic Front (ARIF), 2001

Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), 2016 (formerly Harakah al-Yaqin)

Chin National Front (CNF), March 19881

            Chin National Army (CAN), 1988

Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), 19491, see Kaloh Htoo Baw Armed Group

            Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)

            Karen National Liberation Army Peace Council (KNLA-PC)

Eastern Shan State Army, see Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army

God’s Army, 1997

Faith Movement (Harakah al-Yaqin) [2012-2016], see Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)

Kachin Independence Army (KIA), 5 February 1961

Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), see Kachin Independence Army (KIA)

Kaloh Htoo Baw Armed Group, formerly Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA)

Karen National Union (KNU), 19491

Kayinni [Karenni] National Progressive Party (KNPP), 1957

Kayinni Army [Karenni Army] (KA), 1951

KNU/Karen National Liberation Army-Peace Council (KNU/KNLA-PC)1

Lahu Democratic Front (LDF)

Lahu Democratic Union (LDU)1, 2008

Lahu National Democratic Front (LNDF), 1973

Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), March 1989 (Kokang Army) (Kokang

   Democracy Party)

National Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT)

National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA)

National Democratic Army-Kachin (NDA-K)

National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K)

New Mon State Party (NMSP)1, 1949

            Mon National Liberation Army (MNLA)

Northern Alliance

            Arakan Army (AA)

            Kachin Independence Organization (KIO)

            Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA)

            Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA

PA-O National Liberation Organization (PNLO)1 (11 Dec. 1949)

Palaung State Liberation Front  (PLSF), 2005

Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), January 1992

Palaung State Liberation Organization (PSLO/A), [-1991]

Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS)1, 1964

Restoration Council of Shan State Army (RCSSA)

            Shan State Army-North (SSA-North)

            Shan State Army-South (SSA-South)

Shan Democratic Union (SDU)

Shan State Army (SSA), see Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS)

Shan State National Army (SSNA)

Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP), 1972

Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), 2019

United League of Arakan (ULA)

            Arakan Army (AA) (10 Apr. 2009)

United Wa State Army (UWSA), 1989

Vigorous Burmese Student Warriors, 1999

1Part of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-Signatories Ethnic Armed Organizations (NCA-S EAO)



Cambodian Freedom Fighters (CFF) (Cholana Kangtoap Serei Cheat Kampouchea), November


Party of Democratic Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge/KR), [1963-May 1998]


China—Tibet Autonomous Region

Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement, January 2008


China—Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region

East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), 1992

Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), August 2008



Note: Naxalites is a general term used for members of the following organizations:

Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M)

Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist (CPI-ML)

Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist--Janashakhti (CPI-ML-Janashakhti)

Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist--Liberation (CPI-ML-Liberation)

Maoist Communist Centre (MCC)

People’s War Group (PWG)

United National Liberation Front Manipur (UNLF)


Adivasi National Liberation Army (ANLA) [December 2007]

Adivasi Cobra Force

All-Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF), 1999

al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS)

Al-Ummah, 1992

Ananda Marg

Achik Matgrik Liberation Army (AMLA), now Achik National Volunteers Council (ANVC)

Achik National Volunteers Council (ANVC), December 1995

Army of Mohammed (Jaish-e-Mohammed/JEM), February 2000, Islamist extremist

Army of the Righteous (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba/LT/LET) [aka Taiyibah, Tayyiba), 1989, Islamist


Birsa Commando Force

Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT), 1989

Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-M)*

            Maoist Communist Centre (MCC)

            People’s Guerilla Group (PPG)

            People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA)

            People’s War Group (PWG)

Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M)

People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA)

Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist--Janashakhti (CPI-ML-Janashakhti)

Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist (CPI-ML) #

            People’s War Group (PWG), 1969

Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist--Liberation (CPI-ML-Liberation)

Dima Halong Daogah (DHD), 2003

            Black Widow faction

            Jewel Garlossa faction (DHD-J)

Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM), October 2007 #

Gorkhaland Liberation Organisation (GLO)

Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF)

Hajong United Liberation Army (HULA)

Islamic Jihad Movement (Harkat-ul Jihad al-Islami) (HUJI), 1984

Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham-Khorasan (ISIS-K/ISIL-K/ISK) [aka Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP)/ISIS Wilayat Khorasan] 21 June 2018

Hynniewtrep Achik Liberation Council (HALC) [-1992]

Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC), 1992

            Hynniewtrep National Youth Front Tiger Force (HNYTF), 2004

            Hynniewtrep State Democratic Front (HSDF) #

Indian Mujahideen (IM), 2008

Islamic Liberation Army (ILA), 1990s

Islamic Security Force (ISF), see Indian Mujahideen

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), May 1977

Kamptapuri Liberation Organisation (KLO), 2002

Karbi Longri National Liberation Front (KLNLF)

Khalistan Movement

Kuki National Army (KNA)

Kuki National Organization (KNO)

Army of the Righteous (Lashkar-e-Taiba [aka Tayyiba]LeT), also operating as Milli Muslim League (MML) and Tehreek-e Azadi-e Kashmir (TAJK)

Liberation Islamic Tiger Force, November 2001

Maoist Communist Centre (MCC), 1999

Manipur People’s Army (MPA)

Manipur People’s Liberation Front (MPLF)

Movement of Combatants (Harkat-ul-Mujahidin/HUM), 1995

Movement of Islamic Holy War [aka Islamic Struggle Movement] (Harakat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami/HUJI), 1984

Muslim Liberation Army (MLA), June 1994

Muslim Liberation Tigers of Assam (MULTA), late 1990s

Muslim United Liberation Front of Assam (MULFA)

Muslim United Liberation Tigers, 1993

National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)

National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT)

National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), 1980

National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak Muivah (NSCN-I-M), 1980

National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K), 1980

Party of Holy Warriors (Hizbul Mujahideen/HM), 1989

People’s Liberation Front of Meghalaya (PLF-M)

People’s United Liberation Front (PULF), 1994

People’s War Group (PWG), see Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist

Pnar Liberation Army (PLA), 2004

Retrieval of Indigenous United Front (RIUF)

Sikh Khalistan network

10th Regiment (Dashmesh), 1982

All-India Sikh Students Federation (of Akali Dal)

Babbar Khalsa (BK), 1984, see Babbar Khalsa International

Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), 2000

Bhindranwala Tiger Force of Khalistan (BTFK), 1984

Dal Khalsa, 13 April 1979

International Sikh Youth Federation (ISFY), 1984

Khalistan Liberation Tiger Force

Khalistan Commando Force

Khalistan Liberation Front

Khalistan National Army

Saheed Khalsa Force, 1997

Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), April 1977

Tamil Nadu Liberation Army (TMLA)

United Achik National Front (UANF), 2004

United Bengali Liberation Front (UBLF)

United Gurkha National Front (UGNF), 2006

United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF)

United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), 1979

United National Liberation Front Manipur (UNLF)

United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS)

Universal Proutist Revolutionary Front



Abode of Islam (Darul Islam), 1930s

Darul Islam Holy War Command [1968-1979]

Free Merdeka/Free Aceh Movement (Aceh Merdeka/Gerakan Aceh Merdeka/GAM), 4 December


Free Papua Movement (Organisasai Papua Merdeka/OPM), 1963

National Liberation Army of Free Papua Organisation (Tentara Pembebasan Nasional/

   TPN/OPM), also referred to as West Papua National Liberation Army, 1971

Free South Moluccan Youth Organization [1968-1979]

Front for the Liberation of Aceh-Sumatra [1968-1979]

Party of Liberation (Hizb ut-Tahrir), 1953, banned in July 2017

Islamic Community (Jemaah Islamiya/JI), 2002 (also Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand)

Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), 1997

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) (Da’esh) (al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil-Iraq wa al-Sham)

Jemmah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) [also Jamaah Ansharut Daulah/JAD], 2008

Lashkar Jihad, 2000

United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), December 2014

            West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPCNL)

            Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB)

            National Parliament of West Papua (NPWP)

National Committee for West Papua (Komite Nasional Papua Barat/KNPB), November 2008

West Papua National Coalition for Liberation, 20 December 2005

West Papua National Liberation Army (Tentara Pembebasan Nasional/TPN)



Aleph, 18 January 2000, see Aum Shinrikyo Aum

Anti-Japan Armed Front of East Asia [1968]

Army of the Red Star, see Japanese Red Army (JRA)

Arab Red Army, see Japanese Red Army (JRA)

Aum Supreme Truth (Aum Shinrikyo Aum/AUM), [1987-2000] 

Japanese Red Army (JRA) (Nippon Sekigun), February 1971

Anti-Imperialist International Brigade (AIIB), 1970

Maruseido (Marxist Youth League) [1968]

Nucleus Faction (Chukaku-Ha) [also Middle Core], 1963

Okinawa Liberation League [1968]

Red Army Faction (Sekigun-ha) [1968]

United Red Army, see Red Army Faction



Soldiers of the Caliphate (Jund al-Khlafah), 2011



Jabhat al-Nusra Front (ANF)

Party of Liberation (Hizb-ut-Tahrir/(HT), 1953 #



Free Democratic People’s Government, 2003

Lao Citizen’s Movement for Democracy (LCMD)



Kumpulan Mujahidin Malaysia (KMM), 1995

Organization for the Basis of Holy War (Tanzim Qaedat-al-Jihad), 2006



Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M), 1994 #

Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM)

Madhesi Mukti Tigers (MKT)

Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF)

Madhesi Virus Killers (MVK)

Terai Cobra

United Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (UJTMM)

United Madhesi Democratic Front (UDMF) (2007)

United People’s Front (Samjukta Janabadi Morcha/SJM), 1996



Al-Badhr Mujahidin, 1998

Army of Islam (Lashkar-e-Islam/LeI)

Army of Justice (Jaish al-Adl), 2019,  formerly Soldiers of God (Jundallah)

Army of Mohammed (Jaish-e-Mohammed/JEM), February 2000, Islamist extremist

Army of the Jhangvi (Lashkar-e-Jhangvi/LeJ/LJ), 1999

Army of the Jhangvi International (Lashkar-i-Jhangvi al-Alami/LeJ/LJA)

Army of the Companions of the Prophet (Sipah-e-Sahaba) (Pakistan/SSP), mid-1980s, see Ahlu

  Sunnah wa’l Jama’at

Army of the Righteous (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba/LT/LET) [aka Taiyibah, Tayyiba), 1989, Islamist


Falah-i-Insaniat Foundation (FIF)

Assembly of the Free (Jama’at ul-Ahrar), split from TTP in August 2014

Baloch Defaee Tanzeem

Baloch Liberation Front (BLF)

Baloch Musalla Difa Organisation (BMDO)

Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar (BRAS) alliance (18 April 2019)

            Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA)

            Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF)

            Balochistan Republican Guard

Balochistan Republican Army (BRA)

Baluchistan Army (Lashkar-i-Balochistan/LB)

Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), 2000

Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF), 2009

Community of the Impoverished (Jama’at ul-Fuqra), early 1980s

Defense Pakistan (Difa-e Pakistan), 2012

Fediane Islam, September 2008

Followers of Ahlus Sunnah wa’l Jama’at (Ahlu Sunnah wa’l Jama’at/ASWJ) #, formerly Army of the

   Companions of the Prophet (Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan/SSP) 1980s-2012, banned 2002, 2012)

Freedom Fighters’ Group (Jama’at-e-Ahrar) (Aug. 2014)

Guardians of the Friends of the Prophet (Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan/SSP) [September 1985-2003],

  see Millat-e-Islamia Pakistan

Haqqani Network (HQN), see Afghanistan

Indian Mujahideen (IM), 2008

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) (June 2014)

Islamic Jihad Movement (Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami/HUJI), 1984, Islamist extremist

Islamic State Pakistan Province, 15 May 2019 (Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham-Khorasan (ISIS-K/ISIL-K/ISK) [aka Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP)/ISIS Wilayat Khorasan]

Jama’at-ud-Dawah (JuD), political arm of Army of the Righteous (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba/LT/LET)

Jama’at ul-Furqaan

Jamiat ul-Ansar (JuA) (also known as Al-Faran, Al-Hadid Al-Hadith)

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), May 1977

            Jammu and Kashmir National Liberation Front (JKNLF) [-1991]

            J and K Plebiscite Front, [-1991]

            Kashmir Freedom Movement, [-1991]

            Tehrik Islamia Jamhooria Kashmir, [-1991]

            Al-Mujaheddin-fil-Islam, [-1991]

            Quami Twehrik Azadi Kashmir, [-1991]

Jihad-e-Islami (JI)

Khalistan Commando Force (Panjwar)

Khudam-ul-Islam, Islamist extremist, formerly Army of Mohammed (Jaish-e-Mohammed/JEM),

  February 2000, Islamist extremist

Army of the Righteous (Lashkar-e-Taiba [aka Tayyiba]LeT)

Markaz Daw'a wal Irshad [1985-December 2001]

Millat-e-Islamia Pakistan (MIP), 2003, formerly Guardians of the Friends of the Prophet

Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Law (Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi), 1980s

Movement for Freedom for Azad  and Kashmir (Tehrik-i-Azadi-i-Kashmir (TAK), April 2018

Movement for the Safeguarding of the First Center of Prayer (Tehrik-e-Tahafuz Qibla Awal/TTQA),

   2008, formerly Jama’at-ud-Da’wah (JuD)

Movement of Combatants (Harkat ul-Mujahidin/HUM), 1985-1998, see Movement of Fighters

Movement of Fighters (Harkat-ul Ansar/HUA), October 1993

Movement of Fighters (Tehrik-ul-Mujaheddin), -1991, see Movement of Combatants

Movement of the Followers (Tehrik-e-Jafria), 1979

Movement for Enforcement of Islamic Law and Islam (Tanzeem-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi/

   TNSM), 1980s

Movement for the Renewal of Islam (Tanzeem-e-Islami/TI), 1975

National Islamic Front (JMI)

Party of Holy Warriors (Hizbul ul-Mujahideen/HM), 1989

Qari Mushtaq Group, 2009?

Society of Combatants (Jama’at ul-Mujahidin/JUM), 1990

Society of the Call [‘to Prayer] (Jama’at-ud-Da’wah/JuD) [December 2001-2008], formerly Markaz

   Daw'a wal Irshad

Taliban Islamic Militia

Taliban Movement of Pakistan (Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan/TTP), 2007, major split in May


            Abdullah Azzam Shaheed Brigade (AASB)

Tora Bora Group, February 2007

United Baloch Army (UBA)

Qari Mushtaq Group, 2009?



Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), 1991, see Islamic Community

            Ajang-Ajang gang [2019]

Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB), mid-1980s

Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), 1977

Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement (BIFM)

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) (Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas/PKP), 1930, 26

   December 1968

New People’s Army (NPA) (Bagong Hukbong Bayan), December 1969

Islamic Movement (al-Harakat al-Islamiya), 1991

Islamic Community (Jemaah Islamiya/JI), see Indonesia

Maute Group

Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), 1984

Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), 1968

National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), 1969

Peoples’ Revolutionary Front

Philippines Kabataang Makabayan (PKM)

Rajah Solaiman Movement (RSM), January 2002

Revolutionary Proletarian Army (RPP)


Sri Lanka

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), [1972-May 2009]

            Ellalan Force

            World Tamil Association (WTA)

            World Tamil Movement (WTM), 1986

National Thowheeth Jama'ath (NTJ) (Jamā‘at at-Tawḥīd al-Waṭanīyah/JTW) (2016)

Sangilian Force, see Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), 1976



People's Liberation Front [1968]

World United Formosans for Independence [1968]



Party of Liberation (Hizb-ut-Tahrir) (HT), 1953 #

Society of Allah’s Soldiers (Jama’at Ansarullah), September 2010

United Tajik Opposition (UTO), 1991-1997

            Democratic Party of Tajikistan (DPT)

            Islamic Renaissance Party (IRP) {aka Islamic Revival Party] (Nazdate Islamiye Tajikistan)

            Resurrection (Rastokhez)

            Ruby of Badakhshon (Lali Badakhshon)



National Revolutionary Front (Barisan Revolusi Nasional/BRN), 1968

National Revolutionary Front-Coordinate (BRN-C)

New Pattani United Liberation Organization (New Pulo) (Pattani United Liberation

  Organization/PULO), 2004

Pattani National Liberation Front (Barisan Revolusi Nasional Patani Melayu/BRN, also Barisan

   Nasional Pembebasan Patani/BNPP) (13 Mar. 1963)

Patani Independence Fighters (Pejuang Kemerdekaan Patani)


Timor Leste

East Timor National Liberation Forces (FALANTIL), 1 February 2001 #

Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (Frente Revolucionário Do Timor Leste

  Independente/FRETILIN), 1974 #



Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), 1998-2001, see Islamic Party of Turkmenistan

Islamic Party of Turkmenistan (Jama’at-I Turkestan), 2001



Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) (al-Djihad al-Islami/Dzhamaat Modzhakhedov), early 2000s

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), 1998

Jihad Islamic Group (JIG), early 2000s

Katibat al-Imam al-Bukhari (KIB)





Anti-Communist Military Council [1968-1979]



Justice Guerrilla [1968-1979]



Combatant Communist Cells (Cellules Communistes Combattantes/CCC) [1984-1985]

Julien Lahaut Brigade [1968-1979]

Revenge and Freedom [1968-1979]



Croatian National Liberation Forces-Fighters for a Free Croatia [1968]

Croatian National Resistance [1968]

Young Croatian Army for Freedom [1968]

Young Croatian Republican Army [1968]



National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (Enosis Movement/(EOKA-B) [1968-1979]

National Patriotic Front M.P. 14/31 [1968-1979]



6th of March Group [1968-1979]

Action Direct (Accion Directe/AD), 1979

Action Front for the Liberation of the Baltic Countries [1968-1979]

Andreas Baader Commando [1968-1979]

Armed Corsica (Armata Corsa), 1999

Autonomous Intervention Collective Against the Zionist Presence in France [1968-1979]

Avengers [1968-1979]

AZF, 2004

Brittany Liberation Front-Breton Republican Army Brittany Revolutionary Front (Front Libération de

  la Bretagne-Armée Republicain Breton/FLB-ARB)

Charles Martel Group [1968-1979]

Clandestine (Clandestinu), November 1999?, inactive, see also Union of Combattants

Committee for Socialist Revolutionary Unity [1968-1979]

Committee of Coordination [1968-1979]

Corsican Movement for Self-Determination (Mouvement Corse pour l’Autodétermination/MCA)

Corsican National Liberation Front (Front de Libération Nationale de la Corse/FLNC), 1976-1990,

  defunct (Split into FLNC-Historical Channel, FLNC-Usual Channel, and Resistance)

Corsican National Liberation Front of 5 May 1996 (Front de Libération Nationale de la Corse du 5

   mai 1996/FLNC), 5 May 1996

Corsican Patriotic Front (Fronte patriotu corsu/FPC)

Corsican Revolutionary Armed Front (Front Armé Révolutionnaire Corse/FARC), 1992

FLNC-Historical Channel (FLNC-Canal Historique), 26 November 1990

FLNC-Usual Channel (FLNC-Canal Habituel), 1990

Group for the Defense of Europe [1968-1979]

International Revolutionary Solidarity [1968-1979]

International Solidarity [1968-1979]

Jewish Self-Defense Front [1968-1979]

Masada Action and Defense Movement [1968-1979]

Movement of Youthward Brothers in War of the Palestinian People [1968-1979]

Nationalist Revolutionary Movement (Mouvement nationaliste révolutionnaire/MNR), 1979-1985,

  see TV

New Order [1968-1979]

Organization Delta [1968-1979]

Rebel Front (Fronte ribellu), 1995

Red Army Faction of Southern France [1968-1979]

Resistance (Resistenza), 1990

Revolutionary Nationalist Youth (Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionnaires/JNR), 1980

Servants of Allah the Mighty and the Wise, 2004

Solidarity Resistance Front [1968-1979]

Talion Law [1968-1979]

Those of the North (Iparretarrak), 1980

Third Way (Troisième Voie/TV), 1985-2013

Union of Combatants (Union des Combattants), 1990:


            Corsican National Liberation Front of 5 May 1996

            FLNC-Historical Channel

            FLNC-Usual Channel

Union of Corsican People (UPC)

Unité Radicale

We Must Do Something [1968-1979]

Youth Action Group [1968-1979]


France—New Caledonia

Kanak Socialist National Liberation Front (Front de Libération Nationale Kanak Socialiste) (FLNKS),

  July 1984

United Kanak Liberation Front (Front Uni de Libération Kanak) (FULK), 1990s



2 June Movement (2. Juni Bewegung)

Action Office Middle Rhine

Andreas Baader Commando of the Red Army Faction [1968-1979]

Autonomous Nationalists (Autonome Nationalisten/AN), 1990

Baader-Meinhof Group (Baader-Meinhof Gruppe/BMG), (since 1960s) see Red Army Fraction

Baader Solidarity Group [1968-1979]

Free Network South (Freies Netz Süd) [2009-23 July 2014] (prohibited)

German Liberation Popular Front, Andreas Baader Brigade [1968-1979]

Help Organization for National Political Prisoners and their Families (Hilfsorganisation für nationale

   politische Gefangene und deren Angehörige e.V./HNG), [1979-2011]

Holger Meins Brigade [1968-1979]

Holger Meins Kommando, Revolutionary Cell [1968-1979]

Informal Anarchist Federation (Federazione Anarchia Informale/FAI)

International Anti-Terror Organization [1968-1979]

Liberation Action (Befreiungsaktion), see Red Army Fraction

National Socialist Underground (Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund/NSU), 1998

Puig Antich-Ulrike Meinhof Commando [1968-1979]

Red Army Faction (RAF) (Rote Armee Fraktion/RAF), [14 May 1970-16 April 1998], dissolved

Revolutionary Cell Brigade Ulrike Meinhof [1968-1979]

Revolutionary Cells (Revolutionäre Zellen/RZ), 1973

Revolution Chemnitz, Sep. 2018

Robert E. D. Straker Commando of the Territorial Resistance Army [1968-1979]

Second of June Movement [1968-1979]

Socialist Patients Collective [1968-1979]

Ulrike Meinhof Commando [1968-1979]



Army Officers Representing the Free Greek Spirit [1968]

Coalition of Anarchists, 2009

Conspiracy of Nuclei of Fire-Nihilists Sect (SPTF)

February 12 Movement, 2012

Free Greeks [1968]

Free Initiative of Thessaloniki (May 2018)

Greek Anti-Dictatorial Youth (EAN) [1968]

Greek Militant Resistance [1968]

Greek People [1968]

Independence-Liberation-Resistance (AAA) [1968]

National Youth Resistance Organization [1968]

Nea Filadelphia Anarchist Collective (May 2018)

Patriotic Front [1968]

Peoples Resistance Organized Army [1968]

Popular Fighters Group (Omadas Laikon Agoniston/OLA) (2013)

Popular Liberation Organized Army [1968]

Popular Resistance Sabotage Group-II (LAOS 11) [1968]

Popular Resistance Sabotage Group Number 13 (LAOS Number 13) [1968]

Popular Resistance Sabotage Group People Number One (LAOS People Number One) [1968]

Popular Revolutionary Resistance Group [1968]

Revenge Conspiracy FAI/IRF-Mikhail Zhlobitsky's Cell, April 2019

Revolutionary Nuclei (RN), 1995

Revolutionary Cells and Revolutionary People’s Struggle (Epanastatikos Laikos Agonas/ELA),

  1973-1995, inactive

Revolutionary Organization 17 November (17 November/N17) (Epanastaiki Organosi 17 Noemvri),


            Revolutionary Struggle (RS) (Epanastatikos Aghonas/EA), 2003

Rouvikonas (Rubicon) anarchist collective (Mar. 2015)

Sect of Revolutionaries (SE), February 2009

Union of Officers Struggling for the National Idea [1968]

Urban Warfare Guerrilla, 2012



Hungarian Guard Movement (Magyar Gárda Mozgalom) (MGM), 2007-2009



Sinn Fein, 1905 #



Anti-Imperialist Territorial Nuclei (NTA), 1995

            Anti-Imperalist Territorial Units

Armed Proletarians for Communism (Proletari Armati per il Comunismo/PAC) [1976-1979]

Armed Proletarian Nuclei (NAP) [1968]

Armed Proletarian Power [1968]

Autonomous Workers Movement [1968]

Black Order (Ordine Nero) [1968]

Circle Mario Gallesi, December 2011

Combatants for Communism [1968]

Front Line (PL)

Informal Anarchy Federation (Federazione Anarchia Informale/FAI) [2011]

International Revolutionary Front (FIR) 

Italy Armed Communist Formations [1968]

New Order (Ordine Nuovo/ON), 1969 (dissolved by government 1973), December 2014

            Elite Guard of New Order (Avanguardia Ordinovista)

New Red Brigades/Communist Combatant Party (Brigate Rossi/Partito Comunista Combattente/

   BR/PCC), 1999

Nucleus of the Armed Revolution (NAR)

Proletarian Committee of Subversion for Better Justice [1968]

Proletarian Internationalism [1968]

Proletarian Justice [1968]

Proletarian Squad [1968]

Red Brigades (Brigate Rosse) (BR), 1969-1987

Red Guerrilla [1968]

Revolutionary Action Group/Revolutionary Action Movement (MAR) [1968]

Revolutionary Proletarian Initiative Nuclei (NIPR), 2000

Veneto League (Liga Veneta), 1979, separatist



Albanian National Army (ANA), 2001

Army for the Liberation of the Albanian Occupied Territories (AÇTOSH), 2012

Army of the Republic of Kosovo (ARK), 2008

Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Kosoves/UÇK), 1993

Liberation Army of Preševo, Medveđa and Bujanovac (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Preshevës, Medvegjës

  dhe Bujanocit/UÇPMB/OVPMB), [1999-May 2000]



Albanian National Army (Armata Kombëtare Shqiptare/AKSH), 2001

Christian Organization (Hristianska Organizacija), 2012


Ethnic Albanian Armed Group (EEAG), see National Liberation Army (NLA)

Liberation Army of Preševo, Medveđa and Bujanovac (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Preshevës, Medvegjës

  dhe Bujanocit/UÇPMB), [1999-May 2000]

National Liberation Army (NLA) (Ushtria Çlirimtare Kombetare/UÇK), [fall 1999-September 2001]



Red Brigades [1968]

Revolutionary Peoples Resistance of the Netherlands [1968]



Action Group for Communism [1968]

Armed Revolutionary Organization (ORA), see Popular Forces of 25 April

Autonomous Revolutionary Groups (GAR), see Popular Forces of 25 April

Portuguese Anti-Communist Movement [1968]

Portuguese Liberation Army [1968]

Revolutionary Internationalist Solidarity [1968]

Popular Forces of 25 April (Forces Populares 25 de Abril/FP-25), 1980



Azorean Liberation Front (FLA) [1975-1989]

Azorean Nationalist Movement (ANM), 1991



Arab Mujahideen in Chechnya

Caucasian Front (2005)

Caucasus Emirate (Imarat Kavkaz/IK) (Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus), also Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and North Ossetia-Alania Republic, October 2007

Islamist Caucasian Front

North Caucasian Front (Jama’at), 1999

Vilayat Dagestan, 2014



October 15 Commando [1968-1979]



Islamic Party of Liberation (Hizb ut-Tachrit al-Islami), 1995


Russia—Chechnya Republic

Arab Mujaheddin in Chechnya, 1955

Caucasian Emirate (Emarat Kavkaz/Imarat Kavkaz), October 2007

Caucasian Front (Ichkeria Chechen Republic), May 2005

Ichkeria Chechen Republic (Chechen Republic Ichkeria/CRI/RI), November 1991

Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB), 1998

Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion of Chechen Martyrs (RSRSBCM), 2002

Special Purpose Islamic Regiment (SIPR), 2002


Russia—Ingushetia Republic

Armed Forces of the Vilayat Ghalghaycho (Ingush Jama’at), 2005

Society (Jama’at), 1994


Russia—North Ossetia-Alania Republic

Ossetian Jama‘at (Kata‘ib al-Khoul), 2006



Freedom for the Serbian Fatherland (SOPO) [1968]

Obraz, 2001

Trotskyist Organization [1968]



Anti-ETA Terrorism (ATE)

Anti-Fascist Resistance Group of October 1 (GRAPO), see First of October Antifascist Resistance


Apostolic Anti-Communist Alliance (AAA)

Basque Armed Revolutionary Worker’s Organization (Iraultza), 1982?

Basque Fatherland and Liberty (Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna/ETA), [1959-May 2018]

            Basque Fatherland and Freedom Military Front (ETA-M)

            Basque Fatherland and Freedom Political-Military Front (ETA-PM)

Commando of Solidarity with Euzkadi [1968]

First of October Antifascist Resistance Group (Grupo de Resistencia Anti-Fascista Primero de

  Octubre/GRAPO), 1975

Free Land (Terra Lliure) [in Catalonia], since 1970s

Hammer and Sickle Cooperative [1968]

Iberian Liberation Movement (MIL) [1968]

International Revolutionary Action Group (GARI) [1968]

Juan Paredes Manot International Brigade [1968]

Nationalist Intervention Group [1968]

Popular Revolutionary Armed Front (FRAP) [1968]

Red Army for the Liberation of Catalonia (ERCA), 1987

Spanish Armed Groups [1968]

Spanish National Association [1968]

Warriors of Christ and King (GCR) [1968]


Spain—Canary Islands

Canary Islands Independence Movement [1968]

Canary Islands Intelligence Service [1968]

Movement for Self-Determination and Independence for the Canary Islands (MPAIAC) [1968]



B-26 [1968-1979]

Free Nationalists (Fria nationalister)

Info 14

Nordic Union

            Resistance (Motstånd) network

People’s Front (Folkfronten) (formerly National Socialist Front)

Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska motståndsrörelsen)



Les Béliers de Jura [1968-1979]

Petra Kraus Group [1968-1979]


United Kingdom

al-Ghurabaa, 2004?

al-Muhajiroon, [1956-2004]

Islam 4UK

Muslims Against Crusades (MAC)

Saved sect, 2004?

Teyrebaz Azadiye Kurdistan


United Kingdom—Northern Ireland

Black Liberation Army [1968]

Continuity Army Council, see Continuity Irish Republican Army

Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA), 1994

Irish Freedom Fighters [1968]

Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), 1975

Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association

Irish Republican Army (IRA) (Oglaigh na hEireann), 1969*

Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF), 1996

Orange Volunteers (OV), July 1997

Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) (Provos), (also Provisional Wing of the IRA), 1970,

  see Irish Republican Army

Real IRA (RIRA), February-March 1998, 2009

Red Hand Defenders (RHD), 1998

True IRA, see Real IRA

Ulster Defense Association (UDA), 1971

Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF)

Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), 1966

Young Militants [1968-1979]

*Renounced use of violence on 28 July 2005.





al-Ashtar Brigades (AAB)(2013), supported by Iran

al-Mukhtar Brigade (Saraya al-Mukhtar/SaM) (2013)

National Liberation Front of Bahrain (NLF), [1955-2000], now Progressive Democratic Tribune–

  Bahrain (PDT-B) (Jam'iyyat al-minbar ad-dimuqrati at-taqadummi or al-Minbar), 2002 #



Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz, 2017

Army of Justice (Jaish al-Adl), 2012/2013

Iran Fedayeen Forghan [1968-1979]

Iranian Peoples Strugglers (IPS) (Mujahedin-e Khalq) [1968-1979]

Iranian Students Association (lSA) [1968-1979]

Moslem Liberation Front [1968-1979]

National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

National Front Forces of Iran [1968-1979]

North Azarbayjan Liberation Front, 2001

Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK), see Iraq

People’s Mujahedeen/Warriors of Iran (PMOI) (Mujahedin-e Khalq-e/MEK), 1965

Muslim Iranian Student’s Society      

National Council of Resistance (NCR)

National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

National Liberation Army (NLA) (Mujahedin-e Khalq-e Organization/MKO), 1987

People's Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI), 2009

Reza Rezai International Brigades [1968-1979]

Sazman-e Mujahedin-e Khalq-e, see People’s Mujahedeen

Soldiers of God (Jundullah/Jund-Allah), [2002-2009], now People's Resistance Movement

  of Iran (PRMI)



al-Hashd al-Sha’abi Shi’a Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF)

            League of Righteous People (Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq/AAH)

               (also Khazali Network) (July 2006)

al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI), 2004

al-Qa’ida Kurdish Battalions (AQKB), 2007

Ansar al-Mahdi, 1998

Army of the Protectors of the Sunna (Jaish Ansar al-Sunna), 2003

Awakening [Militia] (Al-Sahwa), 2007s

Change and Reform Front, September 2007, coalition:

            1920 Revolution Brigades

            Mohammed al-Fatih Brigades

Democratic Party of Kurdistan (DPK), 1959 # (Kurdish Democratic Party) (KDP until 1956)

Fighters [Soldiers] of Islam (Ansar al-Islam/AI/AAI), September 2001

            Partisans of Islam

            Helpers of Islam

            Supporters of Islam

Free Iraq [1968-1979]

Harakat al-Nujaba (HAN), 2013, ICRG supported

Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood, 1946

Iraqi National Congress (INC), 16-19 June 1992, engaged in minor armed action #

            Constitutional Monarchist Movement

            Democratic Party of Kurdistan (DKP)

            Islamic Call (al-Da’wah al-Islamiyah)

            Iraqi National Accord, (INA), 1990

            Islamic Movement of Iraqi Kurdistan (IMIK)

            Kurdistan Front (KF)

            Kurdistan People’s Party (KPP/KPDP)

            Kurdistan Socialist Party (KSP)

            Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)

            Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), 1982 #

Holy Warriors (al-Mujaheddin)

                        Imam Soldiers (Jund al-Imaam)

                        Islamic Action Organization (Munadhdhamat al-‘Amal al-Islami)

                        Islamic Call (al-Da’wah al-Islamiyah)

                        Islamic Movement in Iraq

                        Islamic Scholars Organization

Islamic Liberation Army, 1954

Islamic Resistance in Iraq (Kata’ib Hizballah/KH), 2006

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) (Da’esh) (al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil-Iraq wa al-Sham), 2004, anti-government. Created as Jam’mat al-Tawhid wal-Jihad (Organization of Monotheism and Jihad) (JTJ), [1999-2004], succeeded by al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI), Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn (TQJBR) (Organization of Jihad's Base in Mesopotamia). Islamic State of Iraq (ISI/IS), proclaimed 29 June 2014. (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) declared allegiance to the Islamic State (IS), it was reported on 4 October 2014. Boko Haram pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS) according to an unverified BH Twitter audio message reported on 8 March 2015.) See Syria

            Amaq News Agency

            Al Hayat Media Center

Kata’ib Hizbollah militia

Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) 16 September 1942-1956, see Democratic Party of Kurdistan

Kurdistan Front, until 1992

Kurdish Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê/PKK)

League of the Righteous (Asaib Ahl al-Haq) militia

Mahdi Army (Militia) (Jaish al Mahdi), June 2003, see Peace Brigades

Kata’ib Hizballah (KH), 2006

Assaib ahl al-Haq

Mujahideen Shura Council—see Islamic State of Iraq (ISI)

Organization of Free and Democratic Society for East Kurdistan (KODAR), 2014

Party of Allah (Hizballah)

Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (Partiya Jiyana Azad a Kurdistanê/PJAK), 2007

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), June 1975 #

Peace Brigades (Sarayat al-Salam) , formerly Mahdi Army (Militia) (Jaish al Mahdi), June 2003

            Brigade 313 Samarra

            Brigade 314 Samarra

Popular Mobilization Fronts (al-Hashd al Sha’abi/PMF)

Revolution in Iraq

Supreme Assembly of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SAIRI), see Supreme Council of the Islamic

  Reform and Jidah Movement, July 2007, coalition:

            Army of Mujahideen

            Islamic Army

            Mission Action and Fighting

            Supporters of Sunni

Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation, October 2004, coalition:

            Brigades of Holy War in Mesopotamia

            Hamza Army

            Hanin Army

            Holy War Saraya in Basra

            Holy War Saraya in Fallujah

            Ibn al-Walid Army

            Iraqi Liberation Army

            Knight Army for Liberating the Autonomous Area

            Liberation Brigades

            Murabitin Army

            Mustafa Army

            Naqshbandi Men Army

            Popular National Front for Iraqi Liberation

            Promised Day Brigade Shi’a militia

            Peace Brigades Shi’a militia

            Risala Army

            Sabirin Army

            Sahaba Army

            Saraya al-Majd for Iraqi Liberation

            Saraya Dyala for Holy War and Liberation

            Saraya of Hussein’s al-Taf Revolution

            Saraya of the Liberation of the South

            Saraya of Martyrs

            United Command for Mujahideen (Iraq)



al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (AAMS), 2000

Army of Islam (AOI) (Jaysh al-Islam), 2005

Bloc of the Faithful (Gush Emunim)

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP)

Fighters for the Freedom of Israel, Stern Gang Lehi (Lohamei Herut Israel) June 1940-January


Flame (Lehava) (2005)

Irgun National Military Organization in the Land of Israel (Ha'Irgun HaTzva'i HaLe'umi BeEretz

  Yisra'el) [1931-1948]

            Israel Freedom Fighters (LEHI)

Islamic Resistance Movement (al-Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya/HAMAS)

Kahane Lives (Kahane Chai), 1990

National Military Organization (Irgun Tsvai Leumi), 1931-1948

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) (al-Jihad al-Islami), 1979

Party of Allah (Hizbullah)

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), 11 December 1967

Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land (Lehava/LeMeniat Hitbolelut B'eretz HaKodesh), 2009

Thus (Kach/Kakh), 1976-1998

Wrath of God [1968-1979]

The Defense (Haganah), 1920-1948



Jordanian Free Officers Movement [1968]

Jordanian National Liberation Movement [1968]



‘Abdallah Azzam Brigades (AAB), 2010, also Syria, Yemen

al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI), 2004

Arab Commando Cells, 1986

Conquest of Islam (Fatah al-Islam/FAI), November 2006

Faction Armée Révolutionnaire Libanaise (FARL)

Fighting Revolutionary Cells, 1987

Hizballah External Security Organization, see Party of Allah

Imam As-Sadr Brigades [1968]

Standard Bearers of Imam Musa As-Sadr Organization [1968]

Islamic Jihad, see Party of Allah

Islamic Jihad Khaybar Brigades, 1987

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) (Da’esh) (al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil-Iraq wa al-Sham)

League of Partisans (‘Asbat al-Ansar/AAA), early 1990s

Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Faction (LARF) (Faction Armée Revolutionnaire Libanaise/FARL),


Lebanese Revolutionary Guard [1968]

Lebanese Revolutionary Socialist Movement [1968]

Lebanese Socialist Revolutionary Organization (Shibbu Gang) [1968]

Organization for the Defense of Free People, 1987

Party of Allah (God) (Hizbullah), 1983 #

            Islamic Jihad

Revolutionary Justice Organization (RJO), 1987

            Strugglers for Freedom/Organization of the Oppressed on Earth 1987

            Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine

Phalangist Party, 1936 #

Phalangist Security Group

Revolutionary Arab Youth Organization [1968-1979]

Socialist Labor Party [1968-1979]



Dhofar Liberation Front (DLF) (Jabhat Tahrir Dhufar), see Popular Front for Liberation of Oman


National Democratic Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf (NDFLOAG), see

  Popular Front for Liberation of Oman (PFLO)

Peoples Liberation Army [1968]

Popular Front for the Liberation of the Occupied Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG), see Popular Front for

  Liberation of Oman (PFLO)

Popular Front for Liberation of Oman (PFLO) (1974-December 1975) dismantled; National

   Democratic Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf (NDFLOAG) (1970-1974);

Popular Front for the Liberation of the Occupied Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG) (al-Jabhat al-Sha'abiya al-

  Tahrir al-Khalij al-'Arabi al-Muhtall) (September 1968-December 1971); Dhofar Liberation Front

  (DLF) (Jabhat al-Tahrir al-Dhufar) (1965-September 1968)



Abdel Nasser Movement [1968]

Abu Nidal Organization (ANO), 1974

            Fatah Revolutionary Council (FRC)

            Arab Revolutionary Council

            Arab Revolutionary Brigades (ARB)

Black June Organization (BJO), 1982

            Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims (ROSM)

Action Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (AOLP) [1968]

al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (AAMS), 2000

Al-Mujahideen Brigades (AMB), 2005

Arab Communist Organization (CAO) [1968]

Arab Liberation Front (ALF), 1969

Arab Nationalist Movement (ANM)

Arab Organization of 15 May, since 1979

Arab People (Ash-Shab al-'Arabi) [1968]

Arab Revolutionary Army-Palestinian Commando [1968]

Arab Revolutionary Movement [1968]

Arm of the Arab Revolution [1968]

Army of Islam (AOI) (Jaysh al-Islam), 2005

Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front Black March Organization [1968]

Bloc of the Faithful (Gush Emunim)

Commando Muhammed Boudia [1968]

Correct Course of Fatah (AI-Khat as-Sahih Lifatah) [1968]

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine-Hawatmeh Faction (DFLP), 1969

Eagles of the Palestine Revolution (EPR)

Red Eagles

The Thunderbolt (Sai’qa), 1968

Friends of the Arabs [1968]

Ghassan Kanafani Commandos [1968]

Group of the Fallen ‘Abd al Kadir al Husayni [1968]

Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine (Harakat al-Jihad al-Islami fi Filastin), 1979, also Palestine

  Islamic Jihad (PIJ)

Islamic Resistance Movement (al-Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya/HAMAS), 1988 #

HAMAS External Security Organization                                                

Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, 1991

Mount Carmel Martyrs [1968]

Movement of the Nobler One (Harakat al-Sabireen) (2014), backed by Iran

National Organization of Arab Youth [1968]

Nationalist Youth Group for the Liberation of Palestine [1968]

Organization of Arab Nationalist Youth for the Liberation of Palestine (ANYOLP) [1968]

Organization for the Victims of Zionist Occupation [1968]

Organization of the Armed Arab Struggle (OAAS), 1978

Organization of Avenging Palestinian Youth [1968]

Organization of the Struggle Against World Imperialism (SAWIO) [1968]

Organization of the Sons of Occupied Territories [1968]

Organization of the Sons of Palestine [1968]

Organization of Victims of Occupied Territories [1968]

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) (al-Jihad al-Islami), 1979, see Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine

Palestine Islamic Jihad-Shaqaqi Faction, see Palestine Islamic Jihad

Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) (Front for the Liberation of Palestine), 1976

Palestine Liberation Front-Abu Abbas Faction, see Palestine Liberation Front

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), January 1964

Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) [1968]

Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims, -1974

Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Harakat al-Tahrir al-Watani al-Filastini, al-Fatah),

  1957 # *, see al-Fatah

Palestinian National Liberation Movement (PNML) (Harakat al-Tahrir al-Watani al-Filastini/al-Fatah),

  1957 # *

            al-Asifa “Storm” [1965-1965]

            Black September Organization (BSO) [1971-1974]

            Force 17 [1970-?]

            Hawari Group

                        Fatah Special Operations Group

                        Martyrs of Tal Al Za’atar

                        Amn Araissi

Palestine Rejection Front [1968]

Palestine Revolutionary Forces [1968]

Palestine Revolutionary Movement [1968]

Party of Allah (God) (Hizbullah/Hezbollah/Hizbollah), 1983

            Islamic Jihad

Revolutionary Justice Organization (RJO), 1987

            Strugglers for Freedom/Organization of the Oppressed on Earth 1987

            Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine

Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PDFLP) [1968]

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), 11 December 1967

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), 1968

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-Special Command (PFLP-SC), 1978

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-Special Operations Command (PFLP-SOC), 1979-


Popular Struggle Front (PSF) (also Palestine Popular Struggle Front/PPSF), 1967

Punishment Squad (al-Iqab) [1968]

Rejection Front of Stateless Palestinian Arabs [1968]

Seventh Suicide Squad [1968]

Sons of the Occupied Land [1968]

Squad of the Martyr Patrick Arguello [1968]


Saudi Arabia

al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (al-Qa’ida fi Jazirat al-‘Arab/AQAP)

Islamic Movement for Reforms [1968]

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) (Da’esh) (al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil-Iraq wa al-


Partisans of God (Ansarallah/al-Houthi, adherents of Shi’a Zaidi sect)

Union of the Peoples of the Arabian Peninsula (UPAP) [1968]



‘Abdallah Azzam Brigades (AAB), 2010

            Ziyad al-Jarrah Battalions (AAB/ZJB)

Al-Baraa ibn Malik Martyrdom Brigade, 2012

Al-Hashd al-Sha’abi Shi’a Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF)

            Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) League of Righteous People

               (also Khazali Network) (July 2006)

al-Nusrah – see Jabhat al-Nuṣrah

al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI), May 2012

            ‘Abdallah Azzam Brigades/Ziyad a-Jarrah Battalions (AAB/ZJB), 2011

Democratic Union Party (PYD) (2004):                                                                                                   People’s Protection Units (YPG)

                        Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)

Faylaq al-Sham

Free Syrian Army (FSA), October 2011

            Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), 2015

            Kurdish People’s Protection Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel/YPG)

            Burkan al-Furat (Volcano of the Euphrates)

            Raqqa Revolutionaries

            Shams al-Shamal (Sun of the North) Brigade

            Sukrur al-Sham Brigade

Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham Al Islami (Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant), 2011

Harakat Hizbollah al-Nujaba (HHN) (Movement of the Party of God’s Nobles; from Iraq), 2013

Hay’at al Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), al-Qa’ida affiliate,2018e

Islamic Front (al-Jabhat al-Islamiyyah), November 2013

Ahrar al-Sham Brigade, Salafi militants, supported by Saudi Arabia

            Al-Tawhid Brigade (Unity Brigade), July 2012)

            Ansar al-Sham (Soldiers of the Levant), September 2012)

            Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham al-Islamiyya (Islamic Movement of the Free Men of

                the Levant), 2011 (linked with Jabhat al-Nusra Front) (ANF), backed by Turkey

             Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam), 2011            

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) (Da’esh) (al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil-Iraq wa al-

   Sham/(Da’esh) 2013, see Iraq

            Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade (YMB), August 2012

            Amaq News Agency

            Al Hayat Media Center

Islamic State (IS)/Islamic Caliphate — Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da’esh), 2004

   (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) declared allegiance to the Islamic State (IS), it was reported on

   4 October 2014. Boko Haram pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS) according to an unverified

   BH Twitter audio message reported on 8 March 2015. Partisans of Jerusalem (Ansar Beit al-

  Maqdis), July 2013, announced its allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on

  10 November 2014.)

Jabhat Fatah al-Sham [aka Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, Fatah al-Sham Front, Conquest of the Levant    Front, Front for the Conquest/Liberation of the Levant/Syria/JF, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham/HTS] 28   July 2016, formerly Jabhat al-Nuṣrah li-Ahli ash-Sham  (JN/JaN) (The Support Front for the People of Levant) (JN/JaN) Jabhat al-Nusra Front (ANF)

Jaish al-Fatah (JaF) (Army of Conquest) alliance (supported by Qatar and Saudi Arabia)

            Jabhat al-Nusra Front (ANF), 2011

            al-Qa’ida Syrian branch

Jaish al-Fustat

Jaish al-Islam, Sukrur al-Sham Brigade, Salafi militants, supported by Saudi Arabia

Kurdish Islamic Front 

Liwa al-Tawhid (Unity Brigade), 2012

Liwa al-Haqq

Jabhat al-Nuṣrah li-ahl ash-Sham min Mujahedi al-Sham fi Sahat al-Jihad/JN/JaN), al-Nusrah Front

  (ANF), 2012 (The Support Front for the People of Levant) (JN/JaN), renamed Jabhat Fath al-

  Sham (Front for the Conquest of the Levant) (JF), 28 July 2016

Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (JMA) (Army of Emigrants and Supporters) (formerly Kataib al-

  Muhajireen Brigade), 2012

Jund al-Aqsa (Soldiers of al-Aqsa) (JAA), 2012 (formerly part of the al-Nusrah Front (ANF), acting independently but remains openly aligned with ANF.)

Katibat al-Imam al-Bukhari (KIB), Uzbek force

Kateeba al-Kawthar (KaK) (formerly Kataib al-Muhajireen (KaM)

Khorasan Group, July 2014?

Kurdish Supreme Committee

People’s Protection Units (YPG) (armed wing of Democratic Union Party) (PYD), 2004, Syrian Kurdish anti-IS militia

Self-Defense Forces (HXP)

            Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), Syrian Kurdish anti-IS militia

Liwa Thuwar al-Raaqa (al-Raqqa Revolutionist Brigade)

National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, November 2012

Nour al-Din al-Zinki, 2019

Organization for the Liberation of the Levant (Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham/HTS), 2011

Party of Allah (Hizballah), 2013

People’s Protection Units (YPG)

Seljuk Brigade

            Hammam Turkmen Martyrs Brigade

Support Front, see Jabhat al-Nusra

Supreme Council of the Syrian Revolution (SCSR), 2011

Suquour al-Sham, 2019

Syriac Military Council (MFS)

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), 10 October 2015

[Syrian-Kurdish] Self-Defense Forces (HXP)

Syrian Liberation Front (Jabhat Tahrir Suriya/JTS) (19 Feb. 2018)

            Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant (Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham al-

                Islamiyya) (aka Ahrar ash-Sham) (2011)

            Nur al-Din al-Zenki Movement (aka Nureddine al-Zinki) (Ḥaraka Nur ad-Din az-Zanki)


Syrian Revolutionary Command Council (SRCC) (Majlis Qiyādat ath-Thawra as-Sūriyya) (3 Aug. 2014-2015) CIA support ended in July 2017

Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC), 2011

Syrian National Council (SNC), 23 August 2011

Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)

YPG International Battalion

Local units

Desert Hawks Brigade

Harun al-Rashid Brigade

Jabhat al-Akrad

Jazeera Knights Brigade

Khabour Guards

Shahba Forces

Umanaa al-Raqqa Brigade



28 May Armenian Organization [1968]

Acilciler [1968]

Armenian Liberation Army [1968]

Armenian Revolutionary Army, see Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide (JCAG)

Avengers of the Armenian Genocide [1968]

Emergency Fighters of the Islamic Revolution (Islam Devriminin Acil Mucahitleri) (IDAM)

Federation of Turkish Revolutionary Youth (DEV GENC)

Front for the Liberation of Armenia [1968]

Great Eastern Islamic Raiders’ Front (İslami Büyükdoğu Akıncılar Cephesi/İBDA-C), 1970

Islamic Liberation Party Front (IKP-C)

Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide (JCAG), 1975

Justice of Armenian Genocide [1968]

Kurdish People’s Liberation Army (Kurt Halk Kurtuluş Ordusu) (KHKO)

Kurdish Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê/PKK), 27 November 1978

            Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (Teyrêbazên Azadiya Kurdistan/TAK), 2005

National Liberation Front of Kurdistan (Eniya Rizgariya Netewa Kurdistan/ERNK) (PKK

  political wing)

People’s Defense Forces (Hêzên Parastina Gêl/HPG), 2002, formerly People’s Liberation

  Army of Kurdistan (Arteşa Rizgariya Gelê Kurdistan/ARGK) [-2002]

Kurdistan National Liberation Fighters (KNLF) (Kurdistan Ulusal Kurtuluşculari/KUK)

Kurdistan Vanguard Workers Party (Kurdistan Oncu Isci Partisi/KOIP)

Marxist-Leninist Armed Propaganda Unit (MLAPU), 1979

Mayir Cayan Suicide Group [1968]

National Liberation of Kurdistan (Kurdistan Ulusal Kurtuluş/KUK)

New Armenian Resistance Group [1968]

Party of Allah (Hezbollah/Hizballah), late 1980s (Not connected to Hizballah/Hizbollah of Lebanon)

Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (Yurtsever Devrimci Gençlik Hareket/YDG-H), 2013

People’s Liberation (HK)

People’s United Revolutionary Movement (Halkların Birleşik Devrim Hareketi/HBDH), 12 March 2016

            Communist Labor Party of Turkey/Leninist (Türkiye Komünist Emek Partisi/Leninist/

  (TKEP/L), 1 September 1990

            Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (Türkiye Komünist Partisi/Marksist-Leninist/

  (TKP/ML), 24 April 1972

            Coordination of Revolutionary Proletarians (PDK)

            Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê‎/PKK), 27 November 1978

            Maoist Communist Party (Maoist Komünist Partisi) (MKP), 18 April 1994, 15 September


Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (Marksist-Leninist Komünist Partisi) (MLKLP), 10

  September 1994

People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist Armed Propaganda Union

  (Marksist Leninist Silahlı Propaganda Birliği/(THKP-C/MLSPB), 1975

Revolutionary Communard Party (DKP)

Revolutionary Communist Party (Devrimci Komünist Partisi)/DKP)

Revolutionary Communist Union of Turkey (TİKB)

Revolutionary Headquarters (Devrimci Karargâh/DK), 2009

Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (Türkiye Devrimci Komünist Partisi/TDKP), 1980

            Revolutionary Headquarters (also Revolutionary Command), August 2008

Revolutionary Left (Devcrimci Sol, also Dev Sol), 1978-1994, see Revolutionary People’s Liberation


Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (Devrimci Halk Kurtuluş Partisi-Cephisi/DHKP/C),


Revolutionary Path (Devcrimci Yol, also Dev Yol)

Slave Kortin Yanikiyan Group [1968]

Sol Revolutionary Left (Front Devrimci Sol/Dev), see Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party

Turkish Islamic Fighters Army (Tűrkiye Islam Kurtuluş Mucahitleri Ordusu/TIMO)

Turkish Fighters of the Universal Islamic War of Liberation (EIK-TM)

Turkish Islamic Liberation Army (IKO)

Turkish Islamic Liberation Front (TIK-C)

Turkish Islamic Liberation Union (TIKB)

Turkish People’s Liberation Army (TPLA) [1968]

Turkish People’s Liberation Party/Front (TPLP/F) (Tűrkiye Halk Kurtuluş Parti Cephesi/THKP-C)

   [1968] Marxist-Leninist Armed Propaganda Unit (Marksist-Leninist Silahli Propaganda Birligi/  

   MLSPB) People’s Revolutionary Pioneers (Halkin Devrimci Onculari/HDO)

Turkish People’s Liberation Party Front-Liberation (Tűrk Halk Kurtuluş Parti Cephesi-Kurtuluş/


Turkish Revolutionaries [1968]

Turkish Revolutionary Youth Federation [1968]

Turkish Shari’a Revenge Commandos (TSIK)

Turkish Workers-Peasants Liberation Army (Tűrkiye Isci Koylu Kurtukluş Ordusu/(TIKKO)

Union of Kurdistan Societies (Koma Civakên Kurdistan) (KCK), 2005, formerly Society of the

  Kurdistan Confederation (Koma Komalên Kurdistan) (KKK) [2005-2005], Kurdistan People’s

  Congress (Kongra Gelê Kurdistan/KGK), [October 2003-2005], Democratic Freedom Congress of

  Kurdistan (Kongreya Azadiya Demokratika Kurdistan) (KADEK), [October 2002-October 2003]

Universal Brotherhood Front-Shari’a Revenge Squad (EKC-SIM)

World Shari’a Liberation Army (Dunya Seriat Kurtuluş Ordusu/DKSO)

Yanikian Commandos [1968]



Ansar al-Shari’a (AAS-T) (Soldiers of the Shari’a), allegiance to al-Qa’ida

al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (Al-Qa’ida fi Jazirat al-'Arab/AQAP), January 2009 – see Province of Yemen

            Partisans of Islamic Law (Ansar al-Shar’ia) (AAS)

al-Qa’ida in Yemen (AQY), 1996-2009, see al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula

Believing Youth (BY) (ash-Shabāb al-Mū‘min), 1992, Shi’ite Houthi

Eagles of National Unity [1968]

Front for the Liberation of Occupied Yemen (FLOSY) [1962-1967]

Hadramawt National Council (HNC)

Houthi Movement, formed in 2004 to obtain greater autonomy for Sa’dah Province

Islamic Army of Aden (IAA), mid-1998                              

            Aden-Abyan Islamic Army (AAIA), 1993

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) (Da’esh) (al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil-Iraq wa al-

   Sham/(Da’esh) (IS) 2013

Khalid bin Al-Walid Army (formerly Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, formed 2012), allegiance to ISIL)

National Liberation Front in South Arabia, 1962

National Supreme Council for Liberating the South

Partisans of God (Ansarallah) al-Houthi (al-Ḥūthiyyūn) adherents of  Shi’a Zaidi sect (Zaydi tribe), 1962, Shi’ites (2004 armed)

Province of Yemen (Wilayat al-Yemen), designation used by al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) since 2015

            Partisans of Islamic Law (Ansar al-Shar’ia) (AAS)

Southern Mobility Movement (SMM)

Southern Movement (Al-Harakat al-Janubiyya), 2007

Supreme Council for the Liberation of Southern Yemen

Supreme Council of Revolutionary Peaceful Movement for Liberation and Independence of South (2014)

Southern Transitional Council (STC), supported by United Arab Emirates (UAE), 4 April 2017

Security Belt Forces (SBF)               

Unification Battalions, 2005

Yemeni Islamic Jihad (YIJ), 2008, merged into YSB

            al-Tawheed battalions

Yemeni Soldiers’ Brigades (YSB), 2007



Papua New Guinea—Bougainville Island

Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA), 1988, no warfare since 2001

Free Papua Movement (OPM) in Papua and West Papua (Papua Barat) 

West Papua National Liberation Army (Tentara Pembebasan Nasional/TPN)

United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) (Dec. 2014)


Solomon Islands—Guadalcanal Island

Guadalcanal Liberation Front (GLF)

Isatabu Freedom Movement

Malaita Eagle Force (MEF) [1999-2000]



A number of listed organizations no longer exist but accurate information of dissolution is lacking.

Date of formation or earliest reported activity

[date-date] Dissolved, inactive


For groups and organizations active before 2010 or which have become inactive, see previous issues listed below.


*Also functioning as political movement or party.

# Engaged in armed action before assuming its current role as a political movement or party.



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