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March 2024 Vol. 43 No. 645

Global Viewing the World Xi Jinping, UN nuclear admonition

Africa: Burkina Faso security, Libya threatened, Tunesia political harassment

Americas: Non-existent order in Haiti, Peru new government head

Asia: Kazakhstan prime minister change, Pakistan president elected

Europe: Hungary highest judge elected president, Russian president reelected

Middle East: Israel security threatened, Palestine under attack

Oceania: Papua New Guinea order threatened, Tuvalu prime minister elected
Special Reports, Data & Documents

Forecast 2023-2024  International Record

Government Appointments

Documentation: NATO Secretary General Annual Report 2023


(Issue contains 30 pages)  



February 2024 Vol. 43 No. 644

Viewing the World The political world this year


Global: Climate UN  International Record

Africa: New Algerian provinces, Namibian president's death

Americas: New Canadian senators, US president wins Democratic Party 1st primary election

Asia: More demeaning treatment of Afghan women and children

Europe: Belarus presidential immunity, suspicious death of Navalny

Middle East: Hezbollah commander hit, Turkish deployment in Libya

Oceania: Trouble Spots, Tuvalu elections

Europe: Conflicts and Situations of Concern
Data & Documents: Cabinet Directories France, United Kingdom

(Issue contains 38 pages) 


January 2024 Vol. 43 No. 643

Viewing the World Ten Major Conflicts, USD-China Relations

Forecast 2024

Global: Two-state solution, Palestinian rights

Africa: Egyptian & Madagascar Presidential reelections

Directory: Heads of States & Government 2024


(Issue contains 40 pages) 


December 2023 Vol. 42 No. 642

Viewing the World Palestine, North Korea

Forecast International Record United Nations UN Record

Africa: Egyptian & Madagascar Presidential reelections

Americas: Argentina presidential election, Chilean referendum rejected

Asia: Maldives, Singapore elections

Europe: EU Record, Polish referendum defeated

Middle East: Israeli emergency government formed

Oceania: New Zealand government change

State & Government Heads 2023 Changes

Election  Results

Government Appointments


(Issue contains 30 pages) 


November 2023 Vol. 42 No. 641

Viewing the World Middle East conflict

Forecast 2023-2024

Global: Nations need to lower global temperatures

Africa: Sahel Alliance formed, elections first in Libya

Americas: Brazilian ex-president probed, US Candidate changes

Middle East: Term of Iraq's Speaker ended

Middle East: Gaza HAMAS attacks on Israel

Conflicts and Situations of Concern

State & Government Heads 2023 Changes

Cabinet Directory: New Zealand

Cabinet Directory: Nigeria

(Issue contains 40 pages)  


October 2023 Vol. 42 No. 640

Viewing the World Trouble Spots Forecast 2023-2024: Gaza

Global: UN Secretary General on foundation for peace

Africa: Burkina Faso elections cancelled

Americas: Canada-India row, new US Speaker

Asia: China legislative session

Europe: EU enlargement, Corsican autonomy?

Oceania: Australian Voice rejected, Bougainville independence

International Record

State & Government Heads 2023 Changes

Cabinet Directories: Albania, Belarus, Cambodia, Croatia, Cyprus-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Documentation: European Union Granada Declaration 2023


(Issue contains 34 pages)  


September 2023 Vol. 42 No. 639

Viewing the World: China, United States of America

Forecast 2023-2024

Global: Call for Leadership on Climate Action

Africa: Nile River talks, Military coup d’état in Gabon

Americas: Guatemala  & Paraguay elections, US shutdown averted

Asia:  Cambodian government head,  Pakistani  trial

Europe: German radicals, Navalny calls, Spanish election

Middle East: Afghan deterioration, Turkish Speaker

Oceania:  Melanesian concerns, Australian climate priority

Election  Results

Government Appointments

Party Leader Changes

Cabinet Directories: Canada, Congo (DR), Greece, Japan

Documentation: German Government China Strategy

(Issue contains 50 pages)  


August 2023 Vol. 42 No. 638

Viewing the World: Gabon coup, Wagner head death

Global: Hot July 2023, Climate change targets, UN SG on AI

Africa: Eritrea & Russia, Mauritanian electoral landslide, Niger junta

Americas: Argentine VP case, Mexican reform, US cyber policy

Asia: Indian opposition congress, Uzbek constitution change

Europe: Greenland constitution, Berlusconi death

Middle East: Palestinian reconciliation, Dubai population

Oceania: Austyralia, New Zealand, Samoa

International Armed Conflicts and  Confrontations

Forecast 2023-2024

International UN EU Record

Documentation: NATO Vilnius Summit Declaration

(Issue contains 36  pages)  


July 2023 Vol. 42 No. 637

Viewing the World: Coup in Niger, Belarus-Russia, Greece-Türkiye

Global: Worldwide displacement

Africa: Guineau-Bissau election winner, Sierra Leone President is back

Americas: Canada reshuffle, US ex-president facing criminal trial

Asia: Afghan government change, Thai opposition wins

Europe: Finland new government, UK ex-prime minister quits

Middle East: Kuwait election repeated, Turkish presidential poll

Oceania: Tokelau government change

Election Results

Government Appointments

Cabinet Directories: Canada, France

(Issue contains 34  pages)  



June 2023 Vol. 42 No. 636

Observations: Coup in Russia

Global: Himalayan disasters, International Record

Africa: Egypt, Libyan government suspended, Nigerian presidency

Americas: Brazil's ex-president barred, Ecuador legislature dissolved

Asia: ISIL leaders killed in Afghanistan and the Philippines

Europe: Bulgarian government change, UK coronation

Middle East: Turkish president reelected a 3rd time

Oceania: Micronesia's Speaker elected President

Government Appointments

Cabinet Directory: Türkiye

Documentation: US-Republic of India Joint Statement

Documentartion: Russian Federation President's Address to Citizens


(Issue contains 34  pages)  


May 2023 Vol. 42 No. 635

Observations: Nations in transit, reelection of Türkiye's president

Trouble Spots!

Internal Armed Conflicts

Documentation: United Kingdom China Policy


(Issue contains 48  pages) 


April 2023 Vol. 42 No. 634

Observations: United States of America

Global: Political freedom survey 2023

International Record 2023

Africa: Equatorial Guinea government, Sudanese hostilities

Americas: Cuban state leaders, Referendum in Ecuador failed

Asia: Japan facing strategic and political challenge, Youngest president in Vietnam

Europe: Estonian prime minister stays, German EU support, Scots elect youngest first secretary

Middle East: Israel unsettled by Iranian moves, UAE vice president named

Oceania: Micronesian concern about China, Papua New Guinea governor general stays

Territorial and Maritime Claims and Disputes

Elections and Results

Government Directory: Kazakhstan

Documentation: France Course of Government

(Issue contains 44  pages) 


March 2023 Vol. 42 No. 633

Observations: US-Sino relations

Global: Weapons of mass destruction, urgent climate action & time bomb

International Record 2022

Africa: AU chairman, Nigerian currency stays, Tunisian emergency

Americas: Arrests in Brazil, Mexican elections, US president arraigned

Asia: Burma persecution,  Chinese president reelected

Europe: French retirement age turmoil, Russia countering dissent

Middle East: Istanbul mayor sidelined in elections

Oceania: Australian indigenous voice referendum moving forward

Government Directory: China

Documentation: US State of the Union

Documentation: US Religious Freedom Designations

(Issue contains 40  pages) 


February 2023 Vol. 42 No. 632

Observations: Türkiye

Global: World population, rising sea level

Africa: Attempted destabilization in Chad, Tunisian conditions

Americas: Mexican electoral changes, US security policy

Asia: Drop in Chinese population, Japan security change

Europe: EU activities, No Russian year-end news conference

Middle East: Israelis alarmed over court changes, Syrian-Turkish quake

Oceania: Pacific Forum mending, Australian voice  for aboriginals

Government Appointments/Government Changes

Elections and Results,

Cabinet Directory: Israel

Documentation: NATO Foreign Minister Meeting in Bucharest 


(Issue contains 34  pages) 


January 2023 Vol. 42 No. 631

Observations: Ozone zone, UK problems, Japan's defense, US trauma

Global: Journalists killed, UNSG on Rule of Law,

Situation Unresolved

Cabinet Directory: Brazil

Directory: Government Leaders of the World

(Issue contains 48  pages) 




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