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December 2021 Vol. 40 No. 618

Viewing the World

Afghan withydrawal, Serbian pullout ? French presidential elections

Government changes

Africa: Chad elected assembly replaced, Egyptian emergency ended

Americas: Barbados becomes Republic, Chilean president elected

Asia: Chinese Communists celebrate anniversary and Xi Jinping, Filipino mutations

Europe: New Caledonia independence rejected again, New German government

Middle East: Sadr dissolves one of his militias, Israeli 'terrorist' labeling condemned

Oceania: Marshall Islands losing population, Samoan constitutional review


Observer Data & Documentation

International Record 2021

Cabinet Directories: Germany, Sweden

Regional Officials Directory: Russia

(Issue contains 40 pages) 


November 2021 Vol. 40 No. 617

Viewing the World

Western Sahara, Ukraine

Global: Government changes, climate action, COVID-19 deaths

Africa: Cabo Verde prime minister, Morocco Upper House poll, São Tomé election

Americas: Chile conservative alliance, Honduras woman president

Asia: Kyrgyzstan snap election

Europe: 3rd election in Bulgaria, Finnish presidency, Dutch plot prevented

Middle East: Sadr moves ahead in Iraq, First non-party election in Qatar

Oceania: Australian Senate presidency change, Tonga independents take over

Conflicts and Situations of Concern

Government Appointments


Observer Data & Documentation

Cabinet Directory: Canada

Documentation: Canada Speech from the Throne


(Issue contains 32 pages) 


October 2021 Vol. 40 No. 616

Viewing the World

New conflicts in Afghanistan, Mexican energy moves

Global: Government changes, UN Human Rights Council elections

Africa: Ethiopia warns NGOs, Uganda suspends NGOs

Americas: Chile continues drafting Constitution, Data analysis comes to Foggy Bottom

Asia: Prime minister change and elections in Japan, KMT elects China-friendly leader

Europe: Bosnian Serbs boycott institution, SPD advances in  German Bundestag

Middle East: Israeli court upholds Jewish people, Jordan convicts royal feuders

Oceania: Samoa clears lawmakers and swears them in

Conflicts and Security Situations


Observer Data & Documentation

Cabinet Directories: Afghanistan, Japan, Morocco, Somalia, Tunesia

Documentation: Japan Policy of the Prime Minister


(Issue contains 48 pages)


September 2021 Vol. 40 No. 615

Viewing the World

Brazil, Government changes

Africa: Coup d'état in Guinea, Morocco and Tunisia elections, First woman Speaker in Zambia

Americas: Lula gathering support for Brazilian presidential candidacy, Canadian election

Asia: Growing CPC membership, youngest leader of ROK opposition

Europe: French presidential candidates, Italian M5S changes, Russia Duma election

Middle East: Kurdish issue in Turkey and HDP closure moving closer?

Oceania: Fiji SODELPA, Bougainville independence, Vanuatu parliamentary seats

Government Appointments


Observer Data & Documentation

International Record 2021

Documentation: EU State of the Union, US Indo-Pacific views


(Issue contains 40 pages)


August 2021 Vol. 40 No. 614

Viewing the World

Cyprus situation, Plot in Haiti, Communist Party of China Centenary, Turkish Pentagon, Government changes

Global: Global warming human driven, More climate related disasters

Africa: Tunisian power struggle, Zambian opposition places first

Americas: Canada elections next, Peruvian government confirmed

Asia: Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Nepal's government developments

Europe: Bulgarian government formation fails, Polish coalition partner pulls out

Middle East: HAMAS leader re-elected

Oceania: Tonga prime minister survives no-confidence measure

Government Appointments


Observer Data & Documentation

International Record 2021

Cabinet Directories: India, Moldova

Documentation: Xi Jinping CCP Centenary Ceremony


(Issue contains 44 pages)


July 2021 Vol. 40 No. 613

Viewing the World

Afghanistan diplomatic platform, Taliban Militia reconquering Afghanistan, Ethiopia River Dam (GERD)

Global: COVID-19 deaths, New term for UN Secretary General, New UN Security Council members

Africa: FLN stays ahead, New centrist party in Ethiopia, Somalia term extension cancelled

Americas: Inuit becomes Canadian Governor General, Haiti's president assassinated

Asia: Tibetan exile president elected, INC opposition leader named

Europe: German AfD party under surveillance, Catalonian parliament elected

Middle East: Iranian hardline president elected, New president in Israel

Oceania: Samoa blocked by succession dispute, Vanuatu minister elected Speaker

Government Appointments


Observer Data & Documentation

International Record 2021

Directory: France Regional Presidents

Documentation: NATO Ministerial Statement on Afghanistan

Documentation: United States of America State of the Union 2021


(Issue contains 46 pages)


June 2021 Vol. 40 No. 612

Viewing the World

Unresolved situations in the Middle East and Central Asia, 5 months after the coup in Burma

Africa: Egyptian capital move, Tigray party loss, Pandemic ministerial deaths

Americas: Bolivian ex-president arrested, Mexican complaint, US riot commission dead

Asia: Hong Kong developments, Georgian crisis ended

Europe: EU Record, German party chancellor candidacies, New Putin term?

Middle East: New Iraqi Governate, Palestinian election postponed

Oceania: PIF shrinking, Bougainville independence moves


Geo-Political Data & Documentation

Cabinet: Israel

Documentation: Threats in 2021

(Issue contains 32 pages)



May 2021 Vol. 40 No. 611

Viewing the World

 Military coup in Burma, Undercutting democratic rule in the US, White House threats

United Nations Record

Africa: First elected and first woman vice president in Benin, Chad's president elected and then died

Americas: Cuba abolishes convertible peso, Parliamentary immunity abolished in Peru

Asia: Burma's military overthrows democratic government, New prime minister in Georgia

Europe: Inuit party wins in Greenland, Kosovo elects president

Elections: Albania, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Chad, Greenland, Peru


Geo-Political Data & Documentation

Government Changes

Government Appointments

Cabinet: Australia

Documentation: Western Sahara, US Science & Technology Council

(Issue contains 32 pages)


April 2021 Vol. 40 No. 610

Viewing the World

Afghanistan withdrawal, Hungarian autocratic moves, Withering democratic rule in the US?

North Korea reaching for higher level of defense capabilities, Corona virus spreading, Democracy under assault, UN Record

Africa: Chad president killed by insurgents, 10 years later unified government in Libya, Somalian developments

Americas: No clear winner in Ecuador, Populist New Ideas party sweeps Salvadoran poll, Drug trade link to Honduran presidency?

Asia: Gleichschaltung in China, Indian farmer protests continuing, Government renewal in Vietnam

Europe: Inconclusive poll in the Netherlands, Russia moves Navalny to prison camp, Death of Prince Philip

Middle East: Israeli election plagued by polarization, Jordanian royal feud,   Turkey aiming at closing pro-Kurdish HDP party

Oceania: New PIF secretary general elected, Micronesian congressional election


Geo-Political Data & Documentation

Government Appointments

Elections: Cote d'Ivoire, Ecuador, El Salvador, Israel, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Niger


(Issue contains 42 pages)



March 2021 Vol. 40 No. 609

Geo-Political Data

Government Leaders of the World, 28th edition

(Issue contains 36 pages)


February 2021 Vol. 40 No. 608

Viewing the World

Conflicts and confrontations worldwide

Record heat in 2021, Guterres ready to serve 2nd term

Africa: Dispute over Ethiopian Nile dam goes on, Uganda president reelected for 6th term

Americas: Canada's Governor General resigns, Trump acquitted again

Asia: Ruling party in Kazakhstan stays, new president in Kyrgyzstan

Europe: New government in Italy, Portugal's president wins 2nd term

Middle East: Crown Prince in Oman, Gulf states make up with Qatar 

Oceania: Tonga president survives no-confidence measure


Geo-Political Data & Documentation

Government Appointments

Elections: Kazakhstan, Tobago, Uganda

Cabinet Directories:  Argentina, Belgium, Italy

(Issue contains 34 pages)


January 2021 Vol. 40 No. 607

Viewing the World

US back engaging in international affairs, Italian search for new government

UN calling on countries to declare climate emergency, 2 million COVID-19 deaths

Africa: Continental free trade area launched, Egyptian populists score high in elections

Americas: Bolivian president elected, major changes in Peru, US President Biden inaugurated

Asia: Pro-democracy party wins in Burma, Tajikistan president reelected fifth time

Europe: British European Union membership ended, Greek party found guilty, Russian regional elections

Middle East: Israeli nationalist party founded, younger candidates in Kuwait

Oceania: Fiji opposition leader elected, new President in Palau


Geo-Political Data & Documentation

Government Appointments

International Record

Elections: Bolivia, Burma, Georgia, Jordan, Lithuania, Moldavia-Transdniestria, Romania, United States of America

Cabinet Directories:  Sri Lanka, United States of America

(Issue contains 54 pages)



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