Updated on 31 May 2023




2023 United Nations (UN): Conference of the States Parties (COSP) to the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), hosted by the US (17 December 2021)

2023 International: 8th Our Ocean Conference, hosted by Panama. 

2023 Burma/Myanmar: Elections promised by military leader (1 August 2021).

2023 Congo (DR): Presidential election.

2023 Equatorial Guinea: Presidential election.

2023 Libya: Election of 200-seat House of Representatives (2 January 2023).

2023 Mexico: Presidential election.

2023 Somalia-Somaliland: Presidential election (postponed until 2023 on 24 September 2022).

2023 Sudan: Military to exit politics following elections according to Commander in Chief of Armed Forces Abdel Fattah al-Burhan (4 December 2021).

2023 Switzerland: Candidacy for non-permanent membership of UN Security Council (UNSC) for 2023-2024 (Declared on 12 January 2011).





2-3 May International: 14th Petersberg Climate Dialog, hosted by the German Federal Office (AA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Berlin.

2-6 May Canada: Liberal International (LI) 206th Executive Committee meeting at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa (11 February 2023).

4-5 May Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO): Member state Ministers of Foreign Affairs meeting in Goa State, India (22 April 2023).

8 May Southern African Development Community (SADC): Special meeting in Windhoek to discuss security situation in eastern Congo (DR) (9 May 2023).

10 May North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): Meeting of Military Committee (MC) in Brussels (26 April 2023).

15 May-30 June United Nations (UN): Conference on Disarmament 2nd Part of Session in Geneva, Switzerland.

16-17 May European Union (EU): European Council 4th Summit Conference in Reykjavik.

18-19 May Asia: 1st China-Central Asia Summit of Heads of State chaireed by the President of China in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province (17 May 2023).

19 May League of the Arab States: 32nd Summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

19-22 May North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): NATO Parliamentary Assembly Spring Session in Luxembourg.

19-21 May Group of Seven (G7): Summit meeting hosted by Japan in the Grand Prince Hotel, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture (28 June 2022).

24-25 May Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): 2nd Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow.

31 May-1 June North Atlantic  Treaty Organization (NATO): Member state Ministers of Foreign Affairs hold informal meeting of North Atlantic Council in Oslo (5 April 2023).



4 May Sudan: Agreed start of 7-day ceasefire (4 May 2023).

6 May United Kingdom: Coronation of King Charles III at Westminister Abbey, London.

7 May Chile: Election of 50-seat Constitutional Council.

7 May Congo (B): Opposition Alliance for Democratic Alternation (2AD2026) 1st convention, in Brazzaville.

10 May India: Election of  224-seat Legislative Assembly of Karnataka State.

13 May Mauritania: 1st round of election of 147-seat National Assembly.

14 May Germany: Election of 84-seat Citizenry (Bürgerschaft) of Bremen.

14 May Turkey: Election of 600-seat Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

14 May Turkey: Presidential election.

15-17 May Vietnam: Communist Partyy of Vietnam (CPV) Mid-Term session of 13th CPV Central Committee (CPVCC) in Hanoi.

20 May Sierra Leone: Election of 146-seat Parliament.

21 May Greece: Election of 300-seat Hellenic Parliament  (March 2023).

21 May Timor-Leste: Election of 65-seat National Parliament.

24-25 May Fiji: Reinstatement of Great Council of Chiefs  (GCC) in Tailevu, Bau Island (16 May 2023)

25 May Thailand: Election of 250-seat House of Representatives.

27 May Mauritania: 2nd round of election of 147-seat National Assembly.

28 May Turkey: 2nd round of Presidential election.

30 May Netherlands: Election of 75-seat First Chamber of the States General (Senate) by 570 members of 12 Provincial Councils and 19 members of three Netherlands Caribbean Councils.

31 May South Sudan: UN authorization of sanctions on arms embargo ends (UNSC Resolution 2633 of 26 May 2022).




1 June European Political Community (EPC):  2nd Summit Meeting of Heads of State and Government in Chișinău.

5-9 June United Nations (UN): UN Convention on the Law of the Sea Conference of Parties (COP) in New York NY USA.

15-16 June North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): Member state Ministers of Defense hold meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) in Brussels (11 May 2023).

19 June-14 July United Nations (UN):53rd Session in Geneva, Switzerland.

21-23 June United Nations (UN): Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 2nd Meeting in Vienna.

26 June-28 July United Nations (UN): Human Rights Committee (HRC) 138th Session in Geneva, Switzerland.



June 2023 Venezuela: Unitarian Platform of 10 opposition parties presidential primary (14 October 2022).

3 June Libya: UN extension of enforcement of arms embargo ends (UNSC Resolution 2635 of 3 June 2022).

3 June Sudan: UN mandate for UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission (UNITAMS) ends (UNSC Resolution 2636 of 3 June 2022).

4 June Guinea Bissau: Election of 102-seat National People’s Assembly.

11 June Montenegro: Election of 81-seat Parliament (17 March 2023).

18 June Mali: Constitutional referendum (5 May 2023).

18 June Switzerland: Public referenda.

24 June Sierra Leone: Presidential election.

25 June Guatemala: Election of 160-seat Congress of the Republic.

25 June Guatemala 1st round of presidential election.

30 June Mali: UN mandate for the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali ends (UNSC 2640 of 29 June 2022).




1 July European Union-Council of the EU: Spain assumes presidency for a 6-month term, succeeding Sweden.

4 July Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO): Summit meeting of Council of Heads of State in virtual format in New Dehli (30 May 2023).

11-12 July North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): Summit meeting of Heads of State and Government at the LITEXPO Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Center in Vilnius (13 March 2023).

31 Jul.-15 Sep. United Nations (UN): Conference on Disarmament 3rd Part of Session in Geneva, Switzerland.



 July Sudan: Election of 450-seat National Assembly (Postponed from April and July 2022).

July Zimbabwe: Election of 270-seat House of Assembly.

July Zimbabwe: Election of 80-seat Senate.

July Zimbabwe: Presidential election.

1 July Congo (DR): UN renewed measures on arms in the Democratic Republic of Congo end (UNSC Resolution 2641 of 30 June 2022).

14 July Yemen: UN mandate for UN Mission to support the Hodeidah Agreement (UNMHA) ends (UNSC Resolution 2643 of 13 July 2022).

15 July Haiti: UN mandate for the UN Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) ends (UNSC Resolution 2645 of 15 July 2022).

23 July Cambodia: Election of 125-seat National Assembly.

23 July Spain: Election of 350-seat Congress of Deputies (29 May 2023).




Aug. Asia-Pacific Economic (APEC): 3rd APEC Senior Officials' and Ministerial Meetings in Seattle, Washington (27 October 2022).

22-24 Aug. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS): BRICS Summit on BRICS and Africa-Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development, and Inclusive Multilateralism, in Gauteng Province, South Africa, hosted by South Africa (2 March 2023).



Aug. Burma: State of emergency and military rule to end (1 August 2021). 

20 Aug. Ecuador: Election of 137-seat National Assembly (Tentative, 18 May 2023).

20 Aug. Presidential election (Tentative, 18 May 2023).

20 Aug. Guatemala: 2nd round of presidential election.

23 Aug. Zimbabwe: Election of 300-seat House of Assembly (31 May 2023).

23 Aug. Zimbabwe: Presidential election (31 May 2023).




11 Sep.-6 Oct. United Nations (UN): Human Rights Council (HRC) 54th Session in Geneva, Switzerland.

12 Sep. United Nations (UN): Opening of 78th Session in New York NY USA.

19-29 Sep. United Nations (UN) General Assembly General Debate in New York NY USA.


9 Sep. Maldives: 1st round of presidential election.

10 Sep. Russia: Gubernatorial and presidential elections in 22 entities, one mayoral election, and regional elections.

24 Sep. France: Election of 348-seat Senate.

30 Sep. Maldives: 2nd round of presidential election.

30 Sep. Slovakia: Election of 150-seat National Council.




Oct.-Dec. 2023 Pacific Islands Forum (PIF): 52nd PIF Summit on Cook Islands.

9 Oct.-3 Nov. United Nations (UN): Human Rights Committee (HRC) 139th Session in Geneva, Switzerland.



Oct. United Kingdom-Scotland: Scotland's government planning a 2nd referendum on Scottish independence (28 June 2022).

8 Oct. Germany: Election of 205-seat state legislature (Landtag) of Bavaria.

8 Oct. Germany: Election of 137-seat state legislature (Landtag) of Hesse.

8 Oct. Luxembourg: Election of 60-seat Chamber of Deputies.

10 Oct. Liberia: Election of 73-seat House of Representatives.

10 Oct. Liberia: Presidential election.

14 Oct. New Zealand: Election of 120-seat House of Representatives.

15 Oct. Libya:  UN mandate of the Panel of Experts ends (UNSC Resolution 2644 of 13 July 2022).

22 Oct. Argentina: Election of 257-seat Chamber of Deputies.

22 Oct. Argentina: Presidential election.

22 Oct. Switzerland: Election of the 200-seat National Council.

22 Oct. Switzerland: 1st round of election of 45 of 46 members of the Council of States.

30 Oct. Libya: UN authorization for preventing illicit exports of petroleum ends (UNSC Resolution 2644 of 13 July 2022).

31 Oct. Colombia: Mandate of UN Verification Mission in Columbia ends (UNSC Resolution 2673 of 11 January 2023).




6-10 Nov. Pacific Islands Forum (PIF): 52nd Leaders Meeting hosted by the Cook Islands in Rarotonga (2 May 2023).

13-17 Nov. United Nations (UN): Conference on the Establishment of a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in New York NY USA.

27 Nov.-1 Dec. United Nations (UN): Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 2nd Meeting in New York NY USA.



9 Nov. Madagascar: 1st round of presidential election.

18 Nov. Iraq-Kurdistan Region:  Election of 111-seat Kurdistan Parliament (27 March 2023).

19 Nov. Switzerland: Partial 2nd round of election of 45 of 46 members of the Council of States.

26 Nov. Switzerland: Public referenda.

26 Nov.  Switzerland: Final phase of 2nd round of election of 45 of 46 members of the Council of States.






Dec. 2023 Congo (DR): Election of 500-seat National Assembly (tentative)

17 Dec. Chile: Referendum on draft Constitution (6 March 2023).



2024 International: Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to be held in Samoa, first hosting by a Pacific member (26 June 2022).

2024 International: 9th Our Ocean Conference, hosted by Greece.

2024 International: Afghanistan-USA security assistance treaty to expire.

31 Jan. Cyprus: UN Mandate for the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) ends (UNSC Resolution 2674 of 30 January 2023).



2024 Egypt: Presidential election.

2024 El Salvador: Presidential election.

2024 Indonesia: Presidential election.

2024 Namibia: Election of 96 of 104 members of National Assembly.

2024 Namibia: Presidential election.

2024 Romania: Presidential election.

2024 Russia: Presidential election.



13 Jan. Taiwan (ROC): Presidential election.





18 May Mali: Mandate of European Union (EU) Training Mission Mali (EUTM Mali) ends (Extended from 23 March 2020).




30 June Mexico: Election of 500-seat Chamber of Deputies.





Aug. Burma/Myanmar: State of emergency to end.



5 Nov. United States of America (USA): Presidential election.






20 Dec. Congo (DR): Election of 500-seat National Assembly.

20 Dec. Congo (DR): Presidential election.

20 Dec. Madagascar: 2nd round of presidential election.




2025 International: 10th Our Ocean Conference to be hosted by Korea (ROK) (1 August 2022).

2025 Central African Republic (CAR): Presidential election (27 May 2022).

2025 Suriname: Presidential election.

2025 Tanzania: Presidential election.

31 Dec. United Nations (UN): UN mandate for the Counterterrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) to operate as special political mission ends (UNSC Resolution 2617 of 30 December 2021).



25 Nov. Namibia: Election of 42-seat National Council.



2026 Uganda: Presidential election.

5 Feb. Russia-United States of America: Five-year extension of nuclear arms control treaty New START expires, unless renewed (26 January 2021).



2027 Bougainville Island: Independence target date (7 July 2021).




30 Nov. UN mandate for the 1540 Committee on Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) ends (UNSC Resolution 2663 of 30 November 2023).




Feb. Cyprus: Presidential election.

18 Feb. Nigeria: Presidential election (15 October 2020).



Aug. Palau-USA: Expiration of defense treaty.



2034 Switzerland: Planned decommission of nuclear power plants (25 May 2011).



2040 Bermuda-USA: Expiration of 1941 lease of naval and air bases.



2041 Antarctica: Review of Antarctica Treaty which expires on 23 June 2041.



2042 Brazil: Population to reach 228 million (29 August 2013).



2044 Russia: Expiration of 1995 lease of military base in Gyumri, Armenia (Extended from 25 to 49 years on 20 August 2010).



2050 United Nations (UN): World population over 60 years of age will rise to two billion (Estimated in April 2002).



2063 Tajikistan: Agreement of use of military base at Kulob, Khatlon Province, by Russia expires in 2063 unless renewed. Extended for 49 years after expiration in 2014.


(Date) Date of announcement or reporting.

UNSC United Nations Security Council

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