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[] The International Observer of Country and Political Affairs

Published since 1969, monthly report on governments, national developments, political leaders and parties, selected policy statements and documents. ISSN 1061-03245 Volume 34 (2015). One year, delivery included, $360.00

[] Global Survey

Issued since 1969, monthly information and reference on countries, governments, and organizations, including annual

  • Government and Political Data on Independent States and Dependencies

  • Political Leaders of the World

  • Ruling Parties and Coalition Governments

  • International and Political Abbreviations

  • International Organizations

  • Glossary of International and Political Terms, incl. Islamic Expressions

  • Checklist of Militant and Revolutionary Organizations

  • Chronology of Significant Events

ISSN 1075-4644 Volume 45 (2015) One year, delivery included, $600.00


Reports and Surveys

[] 432/1R Independent States, Dependencies, and Disputes States and Territories: Government and Political Profiles

An International Reference Guide of government and political data on countries, dependencies, and disputed territories, in this new expanded 23rd annual edition. Current data includes names of countries in English and national language, date of formation or independence, government system and names, legislative houses, Islamic presence, governance, dependencies and territories. July 2014, 90 pages. $65.00

[] 437/9H Chronology: Significant Events 1900-2013

10th updated edition of chronology of international and national events. September 2014, 11 pages. $25.00

[] 444/6H World: Militant and Revolutionary Organizations

The 9th updated reference checklist of organizations listed by name, country, and date of establishment. November 2014, 46 pages. $55.00

[] 445/12Q Country Data

The 22nd annual edition of this reference guide on area, population, population density, and rankings of the world's countries, administrative divisions of states, and country and city name changes. December 2014, 39 pages. $45.00

[] 446/8K International and Political Terms

The 12th newly updated and expanded glossary of international and political terms.  December 2014, 18 pages. $25.00

[] 449/3P International and Political Abbreviations

The 17th revised and newly updated and expanded annotated glossary of more than 1,800 common international and political abbreviations and acronyms. December 2014, 42 pages. $55.00

[] 450/5M International and Regional Organizations 

The 12th edition of a guide to over 100 international and regional organizations listed by name, purpose, headquarters, organization, number and names of member states, and websites. December 2014, 55 pages. $60.00

[] 454/5M International Conferences and Organization Meetings

8th edition of listing of dates and places of past conferences and meetings of international and regional organizations. January 2015, 31 pages. $35.00

March 2015



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