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October 2019 Vol. 38 No. 592

Viewing the World

British retreat from the EU,  Supporting the US Foreign Service, Watchlist, International Record

Global/International: Election of UN Human Rights Council members, UN SG warning of nuclear arms

Africa: Mozambique president reelected, new president in Tunisia

Americas: Bolivian ruling party loses majority, Liberals slip in Canada, death of US Democrat

Asia: US-Taliban talks in limbo, drastic cabinet changes in Japan, KMT candidate

Europe: Opposition gains in  Kosovo, PiS in Poland keeps majority, Socialists win in Portugal

Middle East:  West Bank annexations, Turkish AKP stalwart leaves party, UAE council elected

Oceania: New president and cabinet in Nauru, Tonga prime minister dies and new president

Geo-Political Data & Doumentation

Cabinet Directories: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sudan, Ukraine

United Kingdom: Speech from the Throne


(Issue contains 42 pages)



September 2019 Vol. 38 No. 591

Viewing the World

Lack of US policy process,  Watchlist, International Record

Africa: Cameroonian Anglophone leader sentenced, Congo prime minister takes office

Americas: Amazon rain forest fires catch world's attention, several Republican candidates in US ready for primary challenge

Asia: Indian state elections, South Korea stops intelligence exchange with Japan

Europe: Austrian conservatives remain first in elections, Italian prime minister continues with new government

Middle East:  No majority party in Israreli elections, Turkey prepares for judicial reform

Oceania: Australia to hold referendum on recognition of indigenous citizens, Tuvalu prime minister loses election and position

Appointments and Changes

Geo-Political Data

Cabinet Directories: Australia, Austria, France, India, Israel, United Kingdom, United States of America

(Issue contains 52 pages)


August 2019 Vol. 38 No. 590

Viewing the World: US agreement with Taliban is raising grave concerns, Watchlist, International Record

Global/International: UN warning of resource exploitation

Africa: Ethiopian coup attempt, Mauritanian presidency, Sudan interim rule

Americas: New president in Guatemala election, fewer US candidates

Asia: Kashmir loses autonomy and statehood, new Indonesian capital site

Europe: German SPD leader resigns, Italian coalition change, UK Parliament prorogued

Middle East:  Turkey places online content under state surveillance

Oceania: Nauru president loses seat in election, Papua New Guinea referendum delay

Appointments and Changes

Geo-Political Data: Conflicts and Developments of Concern

 Documentation: G7 Summit Leaders' Declaration and Statements


(Issue contains 66 pages)


July 2019 Vol. 38 No. 589

Viewing the World: Foreign interest is waning in US

Global/International: New UNSC non-permanent members, Brazil major non-NATO ally, International Record

Africa: Death of former President Morsi, Mauritanian presidential election, Togo term cut

Americas: Guatemala election, new prime minister in Haiti, more US candidates

Asia: Speaker change in India, no super majority in Japan, Kazakhstan presidency

Europe: EU Record, Danish election, political murder in Germany, Russian internet

Middle East:  Tense Iran-US relations, new arrests of Turkish officials

Oceania: New Governor General in Australia, Solomon Islands chose head of state

Geo-Political Data: Maritime, Territorial and Water Claims and Disputes

 Documentation: First speech of Boris Johnson upon taking office as UK Prime Minister


(Issue contains 46 pages)


June 2019 Vol. 38 No. 588

Viewing the World: G20, European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia, Sudan

Global/International: UNSG support for a united Europe

Africa: Congo (DR) new prime minister, Malawi and South African elections

Americas: Haiti cabinet changes, Panama general and presidential elections

Asia: India overwhelming victory for BJP

Europe: European Parliament elections, First woman Chancellor in Austria

Middle East:  Israel dissolution of Knesset

Oceania: Australia general elections, Papua New Guinea prime minister leaves

Appointments and Changes

Geo-Political Data & Documentation: China military and security developments


(Issue contains 38 pages)


May 2019 Vol. 38 No. 587

Viewing the World: Declining biodiversity, shrinking US government, crackdown on Saudi dissent

Africa: Algerian election, extended term for Egyptian president, Sudan takeover

Americas: Former Brazilian president arrested, Russian interference in US election  inquiry

Asia: Constitutional reform in Burma, Indonesian president reelected, new emperor of Japan

Europe: EP group suspends Hungarian FiDeSz, French constitutional reform, newcomer in Ukraine

Middle East:  No majority party in Israel, continued persecution of Turkey's former ally

Oceania: No winning majority in the Solomon Islands, return of prime minister

Geo-Political Data: International Record

Cabinet Directories: Mexico and South Africa

Documentation: US intelligence assessment Threats in 2019


(Issue contains 38 pages)



April 2019 Vol. 38 No. 586

Viewing the World: Power struggle between US President and House of Representatives

Press Freedom Climate of fear, hatred of journalists

Africa: Presidential elections in the Comoros and Senegal, death of Somali minister

Americas: Cuban constitution approved, Mexican National Guard set up, US national emergency

Asia: Kazakhstan's president resigns, capital renamed, Thai general election

Europe: EU Record, Bosnian upper house formed, Slovakia elects first woman president

Middle East:  Iraqi Kurdish parties approve new pact, Turkish Speaker elected

Oceania: Micronesian president fails getting elected, Nauru considering longer legislative term

Geo-Political Data: International Record

Cabinet Directories: Cambodia, Canada, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey

Documentation: Southern European Union States Summit


(Issue contains 52 pages)


March 2019 Vol. 38 No. 585

Viewing the World: Polarizing Brazil, Chinese Polar fever, Egyptian anti-press measures, US congressional and presidential election campaign, Italian intra-party tensions,Turkish president's continuing drive toward a neo-Ottoman state

Developments of Concern: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Colombia, Venezuela, Burma, Ukraine, Syria

Global: UN's reiterated warning against the threat of climate change

Africa:  Cameroon government change, Guinea-Bissau elections, Nigeria's ruling party stays

Americas: Brazil's new government takes office,new US Speaker elected

Asia: Kazakhstan's capital named after president, new royal head in Malaysia

Europe: Republic of North Macedonia named, Swedish cabinet approved

Middle East:  Lebanon forms government 8 months after election, continuing purge of Turkish military

Oceania: Elections in Fiji

Geo-Political Data: Cabinet Directory Brazil

Documentation: Policy of Japan's Prime Minister, US State of the Union 2019


(Issue contains 30 pages)


February 2019 Vol. 38 No. 584

Viewing the World: Political freedom Democracy in Retreat!

Geo-Political Data: Political Leaders of the World Heads of State and Government 27th edition

(Issue contains 48 pages)


January 2019 Vol. 38 No. 583

Viewing the World: China deepening its influence

Global: UN warning against populism

Africa:  Congo (DR) elections, Gambia cleanup, Togo election boycott, Zimbabwe party formed

Americas: Bolivia 4th term, Cuban constitutional referendum, US Democratic Party win

Asia: Bangladesh Awami gaining, Indian state elections, renewed campaigning in Thailand

Europe: European army, Germany new CDU leader, Swiss referenda

Middle East:  Bahrain elections, Jordanian land return, Palestinian legislature dissolved

Oceania: Papua New Guinea Bougainville referendum, Vanuatu new party leader

Governments, Appointments and Changes

Geo-Political Data: Cabinet Directories France and Japan

(Issue contains 38 pages)


December 2018 Vol. 37 No. 582

Conflicts and Developments of Concern--Regions

Geo-Political Data: Oceania Political Leaders, International Record 2018

Documentation: Russia Presidential Year-of-End News Conference 2018


(Issue contains 42 pages)



November 2018 Vol. 37 No. 581

Viewing the World: Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the Azov Sea, French rejection of nationalism

Global: Internet suppression rise of digital authoritarianism, UN Human Rights Council members

Africa:  Moderate upward governance trend, Cameroon president elected for 7th term

Americas: Brazil elects far right president, much reviled US attorney general forced to resign

Asia: Bhutan's only urologist elected president, party head becomes Vietnam's president

Europe: Bosnia elects new co-presidency members, German chancellor and leading parties suffer setback

Middle East: Iraq headed by new president and prime minister, Yemen government head dismissed

Geo-Political Data: Middle Eastern Political Leaders, Russian regional officials

Documentation: China Constitutional Amendment 2018

(Issue contains 54 pages)

October 2018 Vol. 37 No. 580

Viewing the World: Threats to Earth, China, White House, Iran, India

Global: Inequalties cast a shadow over human development, environmental threats to Pacific nations

Africa:  Comoros conspiracy? Eswatini non-partisan election, setback for Rwandan ruling party

Americas: Attack on Brazil presidential frontrunner, Canadian cabinet committees changed, Sen. McCain's death

Asia: Japan's Abe set for next term, Pakistan elects PTI founder president, death of Vietnam's president

Europe: French National Assembly headed by new president, Macedonian voters favor name change

Middle East: Youngest Speaker elected in Iraq, Turkey convicts and releases opposition members

Oceania: Fiji dissolves Parliament

Appointments &  Changes

Geo-Political Data: European Political Leaders

Documentation: China Constitutional Amendment 2018

(Issue contains 60 pages)


September 2018 Vol. 37 No. 579

Viewing the World: Climate change warning, nuclear catastrophe, China's Belt & Road, Ukraine situation, Brexit

Global: UN SG advises nations to repair broken trust

Africa:  Comoros referendum, Madagascar candidate, Zimbabwe elections

Americas: Brazil presidential candidates, Cuban constitution, Mexico MORENA moves

Asia: Cambodia elections,Japan electoral reform,  Pakistan election

Europe: EU sanctions on Hungary, Poland referendum law,UK Brexit White Paper

Middle East: Israel nationality law, Turkey government restructuring, Yemen conflict

Oceania: Australia prime minister change

Government & Key Official Changes

Conflicts and Developments of Concern

Geo-Political Data: Australia, Belarus, Colombia, Comoros, Cuba, NZ Cook Islands, Pakistan, Paraguay Cabinets

Documentation: EU State of the Union

(Issue contains 44 pages)


August 2018 Vol. 37 No. 578

Viewing the World: Korean Peninsula peace, PIF Forum, CPC controls, Mexican wall ecological disaster

Conflicts and Developments of Concern--Regions

Geo-Political Data: International Record

(Issue contains 40 pages)


July 2018 Vol. 37 No. 577

Viewing the World: Summits in Singapore and Helsinki

Global: Refugees in 2017, new UN Security Council members

Africa:  Burundi, Mozambique constitution, Senegal election law

Asia: Cambodia investigation, Malaysian coalition

Europe: EU Record, Macedonia name change, Slovenian election

Middle East: Turkish AKP stays in power

Oceania: Australia fights hostile foreign influence

Government & Key Official Changes

Appointments & Changes

Geo-Political Data: Asia Political Leaders, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Turkey, UK Cabinets

Documentation: State of the World Human Rights


(Issue contains 64 pages)


June 2018 Vol. 37 No. 576

Viewing the World: Nuclear agreement with Iran, end of Pakistan's tribal agencies

Global: UN launches new disarmament agenda, existential threat of global warming

Africa:  Burundi approves extended presidential term, eSwatini born

Americas: Non-political crimes of Brazilian politicians will be tried in lower courts

Asia: China's party leader places CPC in charge of diplomacy, Philippines pass Bangsamoro bill

Europe: German SPD headed by first woman leader, trial damages Spain's governing party

Middle East: Iraq preparing for governing coalition, PLO chairman stays

Oceania: Australia still faces dual-citizenship problem

Government & Key Official Changes

Geo-Political Data: International Record

Documentation: G7 Summit Communique

Documentation: Panmunjom Declaration


(Issue contains 42 pages)


May 2018 Vol. 37 No. 575

Viewing the World: Attention centering on meeting of North Korean and US leaders

Global: Continuing climate chaos in 2018, UN-Arab cooperation on international violence

Africa:  Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA) treaty opened for ratification, smooth transition in Botswana

Americas: Diaz-Cancel succeeds Castro in Cuba, US Democrats sue Russia and Trump campaign

Asia: Azerbaijan's president stays for 7 years, 3rd Chinese leader in line elected

Europe: Macron supports democracy and reform in EU, Hungarian Fidesz preserves majority in election

Middle East: Removal of Turkish HDP deputies is continuing,Yemenite al-Houthi leader killed in air strike

Oceania: Vanuatu deputy prime minister receives suspended sentence

Appointments & Changes

Geo-Political Data: Human and Political Rights in Turkey in 2017


(Issue contains 42 pages)


April 2018 Vol. 37 No. 574

Viewing the World: China's president's efforts to shape a uniform society

Global: Four least-developed countries to  become developing states

Africa:  Egyptian president reelected, Sierra Leone opposition wins presidency

Americas: Colombian Democratic Center advancing, US Secretary of State leaving

Asia: Burma's Speaker elected President, Flawed trial in the Maldives

Europe: European Union Record, Hung parliament in Italy, Putin reelected

Middle East: Turkey allows alliances under revised election law

Oceania: New High Commissioner for Niue arrives

Geo-Political Data: International Record 2018, Americas National & Political Leaders, China Government


(Issue contains 40 pages)


March 2018 Vol. 37 No. 573

Viewing the World: North Korean nuclear threat and Middle Eastern quagmire eroded security

Global: Middle East two-state solution undermined, threats to global stability

Africa:  Sudden government change in Ethiopia, President Zuma replaced

Americas: Strength of US Senate Republicans diminished

Asia: Chinese  senior official disciplined, former insurgent heads Nepal's government

Europe: German Social Democrats chose new leader, Dutch foreign minister steps down

Middle East: Turkish pro-Kurdish HDP deputies lose mandate

Geo-Political Data: Germany, UK Cabinets,Russian Regional Officials

Documentation: Chinese Communist Party 3rd Plenum of Central Committee

(Issue contains 36 pages)


February 2018 Vol. 37 No. 572

Viewing the World: Defending world diversity,US insults, Macedonian name

Global: UN Security Council newcomers, elusive peace warning

Africa:  Leadership award for Liberia's president, Egyptian candidates dropping out

Americas: Lula out of Brazil's election, 1st woman president of Trinidad

Asia: Cambodia's Raionsy raises defense, Chinese armed police report to party

Europe: Czech president reelected, German Social Democrats approve coalition

Middle East: Annexation of Palestinian West Bank proposed

Oceania: Fiji prepares for elections, Tonga prime minister returns

Appointments & Changes

Geo-Political Data: Africa National and Political Leaders

Documentation: Political Freedom 2018


(Issue contains 44 pages)


January 2018 Vol. 37 No. 571

Viewing the World: Nuclear threat, Chinese activity, India, Iceland, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP)

Africa:  Equatorial Guinea PDGE and president stay in place, Liberian frontrunner elected president, Mugabe out

Americas: Brazilian PSDB choses leader and potential president, US national strategy document released

Asia: Cambodian opposition seats given away, CPC stresses openness, Rahul Gandhi leads Congress party

Europe: Austria opposes Turkish EU membership, Italian election scheduled, Poland changes government heads

Middle East: Lebanon's prime minister stays, Yemen's former president killed

Oceania: Australian politicians facing dual citizenship problems, No-confidence motions fails in Vanuatu

Geo-Political Data: Austria, Russia Cabinets

Documentation: International Violence in 2016


(Issue contains 36 pages)


December 2017 Vol. 36 No. 570

Global Affairs: New UN Human Rights Council members, Vote against US Jerusalem move

Conflicts and Developments of Concern Status Report

Geo-Political Data: International Record 2017

European Union Record 2017

Appointments & Changes

Info: Canada, Turkey

Documentation: Japan Policy of the Prime Minister 2017


(Issue contains 54 pages)


November 2017 Vol. 36 No. 569

Viewing the World: Xi Jinping, Australia, Palestine, Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA

Global & Country Affairs: Iran in the SCO? UN Haiti missions closed and launched

Africa: Unrest in Kenya after repeated election, Liberian race undecided, Tanzanian shooting

Americas: Argentinian minority party moving ahead, Canada's Governor General installed, VP probe in Ecuador

Asia: Second term for Xi, Abe government continues, Kyrgyz prime minister becomes president

Europe:  ÖVP gaining in Austria, German veteran finance minister heads Bundestag, Catalonian path blocked

Middle East: Kuwait government resigns, Palestinian rivals sign reconciliation accord, Saudi succession changed

Oceania: Australian government loses majority, NZ Labour coalition forms government, New PNP Speaker

Elections: Argentina, Czech Republic, French Senate, Iceland, Japan, Liberia, New Zealand, Norway

Geo-Political Data: Communist Party of China 19th Central Committee, Saudi Arabia Cabinet

Documentation: Australian 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper


(Issue contains 40 pages)



October 2017 Vol. 36 No. 568

Viewing the World: Xi Jinping, Japan and Russia elections, Catalonia, Kurdistan, Australia

Global & Country Affairs: All but Syria and US have now signed the Paris Climate Accord

Africa: Angola presidential poll, Muzzling dissent in Egypt, Zambia emergency

Americas: PSDB stays in coalition, Colombian FARC now a party, Venezuela 4th Assembly bypassed

Asia: Hong Kong hardliner promoted, Emperor retiring in 2019, Thai military hobbles future policy

Europe:  New French anti-corruption law, Polish judicial independence at risk, Navalny remains a candidate

Middle East: Waed dissolved, Lebanon election law enacted, Saudi crown prince in charge, Yemen upsets

Oceania: Australian security changes, Bougainville referendum stalled?

Elections: Germany

Geo-Political Data: Cabinets of Canada, Egypt, South Africa

Documentation: European Commission State of the Union 2017


(Issue contains 44 pages)



September 2017 Vol. 36 No. 567

Viewing the World: Nulear Weapons Treaty, climate change, EU reform,

German elections, Kurdistan and Catalonia independence referenda, 19th Communist Party of China Congress.

Global Affairs: UN General Assembly addresses by French and US presidents.

Situation Updates: Burkina Faso, Egypt, Sudan, Mexico, Burma, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen.

Regional Developments

Africa: Algerian president recalls regime partisan as prime minister, Senate removal and flag change approved by referendum in Mauritania, Senegal's Socialist Party continues to lead in elections.

Americas: Former astronaut will become Canada 's Governor General.

Asia: South Indian BJP minister is elected vice president, Timor-Leste election yields no majority party.

Europe:  Cyprus bilateral talks about northern portion collapse, Rough weeks ahead for German coalition talks.

Middle East: Iran's president starts second term.

Oceania: In Vanuatu pastor succeeds Father as president.

Appointments and changes

Elections: Angola, Congo (B), Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Timor-Leste

Geo-Political Data: International Record, Cabinet of India.

Documentation: Address by President of France.


(Issue contains 34 pages)


August 2017 Vol. 36 No. 566

Global Affairs: Number of refugees worldwide grew again in 2016

Climate: Majority of world's nations, UN deplore US withdrawal from Paris accord

UN: Secretary General stresses positive role of water for cooperation

Africa: Egypt signs off on controversial islands handover, Gambia confirms massive thefts by former ruler

Americas: Canada and indigenous peopes working toward reconciliation, Puerto Rico's first choice for statehood weakened by low turnout

Asia: Burma's military stays opposed to Rohingya presence, Uighurs must behave Chinese or else ..., Major Kyrghyz opposition presidential candidate imprisoned, Japanese cabinet undergoes near-total change, Pakistan approves tribal area reforms

Europe:  Albanian opposition president takes office, German state bans foreign electioneering, Ukraine raises Ukrainian language TV content

Middle East: Five fellow Arab states impose blockade on Qatar and issue ultimatum

Oceania: Death of Vanuatu's president

Appointments and changes

Governance and Domestic Conditions in Independent States and other Territories

Geo-Political Data: Cabinet of Japan

Info: Pakistan's population


(Issue contains 66 pages)


July 2017 Vol. 36 No. 565

Global Affairs: UN General Assembly picks new Security Council members

International Record

Africa: Gambia emergency ended, Zambia opposition leader charged with treason

Americas: Bahamas opposition leader becomes prime minister, White House Chiefs of Staff change,

Asia: Newly elected South Korean president takes office, Non-communist returns to lead government of Nepal

Europe:  European Council approves military planning staff, French presidential movement captures parliament, Russian prime minister tied to unexplained worth

Middle East: Iranian President Rouhani reelected

Oceania: 2003 Multi-nation assistance mission to Solomon Islands ends

Election statistics

Geo-Political Data: Cabinets of Brazil, France, Germany, India, UK

Documentation: Press freedom in the world declining, The Queen's Speech to Parliament, US intelligence-The future summarized


(Issue contains 38 pages)


June 2017 Vol. 36 No. 564

Global Affairs: Slower world population growth expected, Africa to grow

International Record

Developments of Concern and Conflicts

Geo-Political Data: Cabinets of France and the USA

Documentation: Transnational corruption, European Council Conclusions of 22-23 June 2017


(Issue contains 44 pages)


May 2017 Vol. 36 No. 563

Viewing the World: War and disasters displaced 31.1 million people inside their countries

International Record

Situation: Clashes in Central African Republic, Domestic 'deconstruction' ahead in the US, Malaysia's prime minister now raises the 'fake' news issue, gradual removal of ISIL in Iraq

Countries & Governments: Angola's president will step down, US grassroots movement pursues impeachment of president, integrated supervision system next in China, Macron inaugurated as 10th President of France, HAMAS changes political and Gaza leadership,

Botswana opposition, Somali president elected, former Brazilian Speaker sentenced, president and prime minister take office in Haiti, Cambodian governmen tightens law against opposition, constitutional changes in Kazakhstan, fatal attack on Kim half-brother, Thailand constitution signed, new German federal head of state, Medvedev reelected United Russia leader, suppression of Bahraini opposition parties continues, Israeli settlement policy severely criticized, Turkey continues targeting of HDP, Governor General elected in Papua New Guinea



Geo-Political Data: Cabinets of France and Somalia

Documentation: French inaugural speech


(Issue contains 42 pages)


April 2017 Vol. 36 No. 562

Viewing the World: SCO membership for India and Pakistan, Montenegro headed for NATO

International Record

Countries & Governments: Round 1 of French presidential election, Turkish president rises to super-presidency, May seeking popular support for Brexit, Cambodia, Ukraine, Israel

Global Concerns A Watchlist

Reference: International and Polituical Abbreviations

(Issue contains 66 pages)


March 2017 Vol. 36 No. 561

Viewing the World:  Continuying extremer weather and climate conditions predicted, New UN Secretary General sets high goals for peace and nuclear arms-free world

International Record

Countries & Governments: Nepal may ease access in the north, White House tarnishes freedom of the press, UK gives formal notice to European Union, small improvement in African governance deepened political impasse in Burundi, Brazil's corruption probve headed by new judge, US Democratic Party elects new chairman, Venezuela, China, India, Bulgaria, Iceland, Yemen

Info: Russian language digital news network launched


Elections: Russia, USA

Reference: Country and City Name Changes

Documentation: Political Freedom Survey

(Issue contains 38 pages)


February 2017 Vol. 36 No. 560

Directory: Political Leaders of the World

Documentation: Munich Security Conference Remarks by US Senator John S. McCain III

(Issue contains 60 pages)


January 2017 Vol. 36 No. 559

Gambia's elected president takes office

Republicans enter White House

Abbas reelected Fatah chairman

Global Terorism Index 2016

Obstacle on Moldova's path to Europe

International Record

Africa: Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Seychelles

Americas: Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela

Asia: Afghanistan, Georgia, India, Japan, Turkmenistan

Europe: European Union, Croatia, France, Germany, Russia

Middle East: Iran, Israel, Turkey

Oceania: Australia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea

Governments: Leader changes, appointments


Cabinet Directories: Canada, New Zealand

Reference Information: International & Political Terms

Documentation: UK Objectives for Withdrawal from the European Union

(Issue contains 50 pages)


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